Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Becareful what you "BOO" About Fins Fans

No this is not my pre-Halloween column. It's my famous cliché column about the grass always being greener under the feet of ANY quarterback other than the Dolphin starter.

I was listening to that popular radio show on ESPN yesterday afternoon.  No disrespect to any other members, but the only name I can think of is Stu Gartz...(SP???).  They were talking about the injury to Aaron Rodgers & what it's like to be accustomed to perfection.  You don't get perfect passes (yet???) from Brett Hundley.  Does that sound familiar to any Dolphin fans?

I grew up cheering for Bob Griese. Than Woodley & Strock.  Then....???  I think we drafted someone late in the first round?  After several other QBs.  OH!  Dan Marino out of Pittsburgh!  And then we watched perfection for 10 plus years!!

Thing is, other than his 2nd season the Dolphins never went to the SB.  And beyond that, who really cares about a single player achieving perfection in a team sport?!?!  Hey, I was a huge Marino fan and still am!!  This is not a piece against great QBs.  This is MY personal anger against the Dolphin fans booing Jay Cutler.

It is so easy to find the faults about anyone.  It can spread like an actual wild fire with todays out of control media, and everyone that has an opinion like the hypocrite writing this.

But come on PEOPLE!!  We have a talented team.  We have a coach daggone serious about getting this team to the top.  We have a fan base......yup, we have a fan base.  What to say about them, I have no clue?

Try this!  This team was built (INTENTIONALLY) for the second half of the season.  Unfortunately Irma got in the way a tiny bit....or a lot?  What ever happened last year, in the off season, etc.  I truly felt/feel that Gase picked up something several years ago, or maybe because we made the playoffs after starting 1-4 or 2-5 (whatever our record was, percentage's said we had a 4-5-6%  chance of making the post season).

TJ McDonald I always felt would help our run defense.  Now I'm hoping he's really good at pass defense  also.  Maxwell is coming back.  I think it's been a plan.  Regardless of my crazy thinking, I wish I could convince the fans to cheer for anyone wearing a Dolphin uniform.  All I could think about when I heard the boo's for Cutler were his wife & 3 children. 

How would you explain to your children why people are booing you??
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Welcome back K Nick.

I would tell them Daddy canceled their sleep over.