Tuesday, September 26, 2017

To Kneel Or Not To Kneel, That Is The Question

This whole situation is getting completely out of hand. What was supposed to call attention to race relations has turned into fans no longer wanting to be fans.

The President has chimed in, owners have locked arms and no one is discussing what initially all this kneeling was intended to have called attention to.

It has now become a discussion on patriotism and free speech. Or lack there of. Not race relations.

Below is a response I wrote in Dave Kennedy's post "Dave's Take On Standing Up" on this site back on August 27th. Since then many of our posts have meandered off subject. So take this opportunity to vent, add, detract, etc on this subject.

Everyone's opinion is valid. Here is mine:

"Athletes, actors and artists not only have a right to stand up for a cause they feel is important to them, they also have a responsibility to use their platforms to assist in social change.

The kneeling players are a perfect example of good idea, wrong execution. I understand, that as an African-American, they feel compelled to call more attention to race relations in the US. Certain venues are perfectly suited and accepted for political stands and announcements.

Concerts are perfect examples. Musicians have for decades use the stage to call attention to a cause and that is a universally accepted location for such.

Never do you find an actor break from the script to make a political statement during a play. The play itself may make a statement or the cast may stop at the curtain call and speak to the audience about a current issue.

Sports is a different story. Players can use their celebrity to good use but not in the actual arena. It just is not universally accepted other than wearing something on your uniform to support a cause. 

Fans go to sporting events to get away from their problems and daily dull drums, not to engage in political or social issues.

I believe the players would have been better served to organize a great number of African-American athletes from all sports to speak to the media in their locker rooms after games about race relations."

Now, followers, you can knock yourselves out but keep it clean.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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try making a spectacle of yourself at your next staff meeting and see how long you have a job. The flag didn't shoot thug mike brown, the anthem didn't either. These fake protests during the anthem are disgusting. I'm a veteran, these pukes make me sick. They are going to lose big time. Who do they think supports them? Hipster lib d bags? The NFL crapped in their own punch bowl on this one. I am done with these high paid illiterates.


It makes me so sick and I honestly don't know how I'm going to continue being a loyal fan. Been a fan for many years, since1979. But this is an outrage and I can't stand it. Totally makes me sick. I don't really want to watch these players anymore. The whole NFL makes me sick.


As long as the NFL players (and now the owners) continue to dishonor and disrespect our country, our flag, our service members, our veterans (like me), and our brave and hard-working police officers, and continue to allow these BLM, antifa, and “protests” to continue, then I will protest and boycott the NFL by not renewing my NFL ticket, not going to any games, and not tuning in on Sundays.

I’m done with the NFL until they stop these protests. I support and stand by the President, our country, our flag, our service members, our veterans, and our police officers.

My family and friends choose to BOYCOTT THE NFL.

Contact the Miami Dolphins at: http://www.miamidolphins.com/footer/contact-us.html

Contact the NFL Players Association at https://www.nflpa.com/contact-us

Contact the NFL Commissioner at officeofcommissioner@nfl.com.


Steven, the are done forever with me. They showed their true feelings, from the clueless commissioner to our dummy owner. The NFL prohibited the Cowboys from wearing a logo on their helmets in support of the cops ambushed but allows them to piss on my flag? I don't care if they stand from here on out. This 46 year phins fan is done. I cancelled Sunday ticket already and won't buy another piece of gear from these frauds ever again. Go Blackhawks!!! Hockey is the one remaining sport with integrity.


I'm boycotting as well until they learn to not dissrespect our flag and protest on their own damn time. Hurt vet, and die hard Dolphin fan.


I fully support their right to protest, and would defend it with my life which I've done for all American's as a combat veteran.

The reason I do not support this protest is that it is disrespecting all those who have made the died to protect the constitution.

The only reason they are able to protest on a national stage is because of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and are being recognize in that moment of silence which they are not recognizing.

I've been a Dolphin/NFL fan since 1972, and since last year when Kaepernick was allowed to sit for the anthem I stopped watching the NFL.


Let them protest inequality by becoming part time police officers and put them selves in that situation. To trod on my right to watch a game and my National Anthem without their racism and bigotry being on display pisses me off. If they have rights so does Trump to say what he wants to say as well as the rest of us. I canceled Directv NFL package and will don't that to the Veterans.
I will watch my football on Saturdays


A question. Why is everyone so mad at the players who do this; yet there was little outrage when the owners/NFL were saluting vets by charging the military for it? This from 2015 http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2015/05/forget_deflategate_heres_the_real_nfl_scandal_di_i.html

I didn't hear people canceling their tickets at that point, and that's pretty disrespectful as a show of patriotism that was really a money grab.