Sunday, September 24, 2017

Miami STILL at bottom of AFC's 12 best teams...

When are the Dolphins going to pull their heads out of their asses?

Serious question.

I have been waiting for this offense to put up some serious points and beat the teams they are supposed to beat. I'm still waiting...

These Dolphins have won close games. In the past, GREAT! This should not have been a close game, and it wasn't. It was an ass whooping but it should have been the Jets getting that whooping. 

Josh McCown WAS on a 11 game losing streak as a starter. Not anymore!

The Jets were being accused of tanking for a top draft pick! They proved us all wrong!

The Jets were the worst run defense in the league, how things have changed!  

The Miami offense looks anemic. A pop warner team could have had more success today, not an exaggeration. 

I am seriously starting to question this coaching staffs ability to make in game adjustments. When the run game doesn't work, the offense goes to shit. I seriously thought Gase was this offensive passing guru? That's not a knock against him, I like the guy but that is a serious question. 

The defense still has a miserable secondary. The no name receivers of the Jets worked the middle all day long. It was quite embarrassing.

I don't know what else needs to be said. Next week we play Drew Brees who just lot up the Panther defense which is a lot better than Miami's. Good luck Miami. I hope you fix a lot of things this week, you are gonna need to...

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All Mimai needs to do is bench Jay Cutler!


Seriously. Gases bs wr screens losing three yards a play. The league is over that garbage. Idk if its cutler who wont let it fly or gase telling him to throw granny passes the whole game. Wth did I just watch? How miserable. And to a team that is TANKING!


Those screens need to go. I agree. This performance was bullshit. If this team wants to be serious considered a contender, they need to beat the teams they should beat, such as the Jets. The offense needs to score some damn points. This offense has shown nothing. Nothing to be excited about. Most if the offense has said they had a shitty week of practice, unacceptable


Jets are a professional team. They have talent too. They were 0-2 and going to 0-3 would have been crippling to their season. They have their home opener and came out fired up on defense.

We weren't going 16-0 and they weren't going 0-16. We got our asses handed to us by a much more motivated yet less talented team. They won the LOS battles and didn't make many mistakes.


They should have stayed with Matt Moore because Matt Moore earned the job. Matt defeats the Bills and Jets every time he plays them. We will not win again until Matt Moore is under center. This loss was pathetic. I am sick.


As long as the NFL players (and now the owners) continue to dishonor and disrespect our country, our flag, our service members, our veterans (like me), and our brave and hard-working police officers, and continue to allow these BLM, antifa, racist and anti-white “protests” to continue, then I will protest and boycott the NFL by not renewing my NFL ticket, not going to any games, and not tuning in on Sundays.

I’m done with the NFL until they stop these protests. I support and stand by the President, our country, our flag, our service members, our veterans, and our police officers.

Let the Miami Dolphins know how you feel. Contact info is here:

Let the NFL Players Association know how you feel at and the NFL Commissioner

avatar you take a season off?


Carl, let me explain my motivation. Years ago when the dolphins were under Dave Wadstedt; another Jay - Fiedler was allowed to rob them of 5 years of stardom. The defense was superbowl caliber. In the past 5 seasons, ryan tannehill was allowed to rob the dolphins of almost 5 seasons. Matt Moore saved last season. Now Jay Cutler is here to restrict the dolphins from picking up where they left off last season. He is worst that ryan tannehill.
Cam Wake and a few other players are running out of time for a Supernowl run. So there is no time to experiment with misfits at QB now. Matt Moore delivers; even in the clutch. Jay Cutler needs to go back to broadcasting now! I hope that the players realize that even if the coaches do not!