Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gase Missed One Today

First of all, let me tell you it was hot today. Extremely hot at MetLife Stadium. The temperature in New Jersey was 91 with a feels like temperature of 99. And that is in your back yard.

I was sitting there in the sun, with no breeze and I was drenched.

It was so hot I would go into the concessions just to get some shade during the time outs. It was brutal today.

I know from officiating high school football that the field turf is filled with black rubber beads in between the fake grass. Those little beads not only absorb the sun shine but also generate even more heat.

So it had to be well over 100° on the field.

In any event, what I am alluding to is simply these numbers and how Gase blew one.

At the 2 minute warning of the first half, the Jets had a time of possession of almost double to ours at 18:26 to 9:34 and yet we were only down by 3 points.

The Jets are facing a 2nd and two from their 37 yard line when Powell gashes us for 38 yards right up the gut.

5 of our 11 defenders, including our left corner Verner, sprint after him and drag him down at our 15 yard line. That's half our guys doing wind sprints.

Luckily for us, we get a holding call against their center hooking Hull at the point of attack. That was a good call.

Here's where, I believe, Gase blew it.

I told my buddy "Take a time out. We are gassed. They are going to go long on us."

I know the second time in a row you have to cover a kick, the return is usually so much better than the first. Your coverage team is gassed.

So now the Jets line up with a 2nd and 8 from their 31. And we are gassed.

McGown hits Anderson right in stride for a 69 yard TD as he blows right by Verner completely untouched.

I really thought we should've burned a Time Out regardless of just coming out of the 2 minute warning and only having 2 time outs left.

Hey, we got spanked. Don't get me wrong.

But it is those little moments when just one play can get one team juiced and another down trodden.

Well, we are on to the Saints as London is calling.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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This was very discouraging Carl. I have no words other that PATHETIC!


We started out shitty last yr (1-4)and then went on a run.I still believe.


Absolutely Jack. Just one blow out. Happens to everyone.


How about that stupid fake punt call. My sister has a better arm than Haack and maybe a better leg too.


Yeah Phil. Carroo got behind the coverage but Haack under threw him.

When your punter has to complete a pass for a first down, you have some issues on offense.


This too shall pass. Unlike our QB.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wow, what a bunch of gutless cowards you are. Removing comments. Nice.

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Kelly...nobody is discussing that topic on this post. I am sure you can find somewhere else to discuss it.


Sorry you had to be at this one, Carl. We'll bounce back.