Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Heres an article from 1992, when the Dolphins postponed their home opener against the patriots. 

And keep in mind that for a period of time in the mid to late 90s (before the Browns rejoined the league), there were only 31 teams. So the NFL had to have either 1 or 3 teams with a bye each week. So one team had the unfortunate problem of having a bye in week 1, and having to play 16 straight. 

There have also been a few instances in recent years where stadium construction dragged into the season, meaning teams couldn't play a home game until several weeks into the season. 

So while the bigger concern about Irma is safety for everyone, the decision to make the bye week 1, to not be at home for a while, and postpone a game does have a precedent. 

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Didnt we get to the AFC Championship game that year against Buffalo?


Indeed. Same year buffalo had that big comeback against Houston.