Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dolphins Must Stop Short Passing Game Today

    At the game in LA last week, one thing that was glaringly obvious was that the Chargers are poorly coached.  This came across mostly in the fact that they continued to run on first down when the Dolphins had their number all day.  What the Dolphins couldn't answer at all, however, was the short passing game.  Backs and tight ends were open all day, and any route under six yards was a completion and a chunk of yardage, all day.  The only reason the Chargers didn't score more was that they consistently wasted a down trying to run between the tackles.
    If the Jets are at all smart today, Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, and Austin Selfarian-Jenkins will be unleashed in the 4-6 yard area beyond scrimmage.  If so, the Jets will avoid our pass rush and keep themselves in second and makeable all day.  They will also control time of possession with ruthless, long drives.
     I don't say this because I think the Jets are good.  They are the worst team in the NFL.  But our defense ha a major hole in its linebacking and our 2 safety is truly among the NFL's worst.  I hope our team has found an adjustment since last week.  If it hasn't, don't be surprised if we are stuck in a real battle today in New Jersey.

Jay Lopez
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Jay Cutler is going to lose this Jets game. He is a 3 points QB like tannehill. Gase should be fired for bringing him to Miami and letting him start over Matt Moore is inexcusable.