Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dave’s take: kneeling

We live in a wonderful country that allows us to have different points of view. Isn’t it amazing that while we’re watching our gladiators entertain us, we can argue about things like if it’s proper to do something, and if there’s respect.

First world problems indeed.

Meanwhile around the world, there are actual issues like war and famine. And closer to home we see poverty, natural disasters, and people scraping by in life.

Yet we focus on something petty like whether someone kneels. Who. The frick. Cares. The can sit, stand, do headstands, or repel in on ropes.

They’re standing up for a principle and what they’re doing doesn’t affect you or me directly. Yes it calls attention to them, but so does a TD celebration, and we enjoy those. In the end, they still respect country; this is about social issues.

At the end of it all, we only care about what happens between the white lines. Whether our team (whichever it might be) wins or loses. You can say you’ll give up and boycott, but you know that won’t last. Football rules and you love it.

Last year, ratings were down when kaepernick started his protest. But my senses tell that was more about the quality of football than anything. And everyone returned, even though the protests remained. The playoffs didn’t seem to suffer...

The NFL and it’s owners made very clear nothing will change for them. And as for releasing a player for their opinion. Yeah good luck with that. It’s about wins and losses. Abusers and bad citizens remain on rosters because they help the team win.

Feel free to counter protest (in a similar non violent way)  or not attend. When I dropped  off the dolphins bandwagon, I found something interesting: it’s impossible to boycott the team or league. The NFL is a behemoth with many sponsors, and you have to avoid the networks and their parent companies. It’s easier to just not buy the tickets, the T-shirt’s and hats, and otherwise not directly contribute. But beyond that, it’s like work, and not worth it. You’ll somehow still contribute.

Better you should just be entertained by the sport and leave the incessant babble about right and wrong alone.

If you want to be involved, how about helping in your community or with a storm ravaged region. Either with your time or money. Do good. Be kind. And don’t bother with this. It serves no purpose. 
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Your article is dead wrong. I lost my brother, friends, teammates, instructors and many military family members to military service. I walk around with a limp and constant pain from 10 years of military service that abused and took a toll on my body. I know plenty of others who were wounded, disabled and not mentally right from their years of military service. I was at least fourth generation military in my family. As long as the NFL players (and now the owners) continue to dishonor and disrespect our country, our flag, our service members, our veterans, and our brave and hard-working police officers, and continue to allow these BLM, antifa, racist and anti-white “protests” to continue, then I will protest the NFL by not renewing my NFL ticket, not going to any games, not buying any gear, and not tuning in on Sundays at my local pubs. Many of my friends and family are also done. Dolphin fan since 1971 is no longer a fan. Good luck to the NFL and Mr. Ross.


My season ticket has also been cancelled. Mr Ross ad the demonstrators can be grateful that i will no longer watch. I served for 22 years in the Marines and used to love the Dolphins. That has ended.


You are incorrect in your article. If any normal person went to work an advocated for a cause that was important to them, they would likely be told to advocate on their personal time. When they are on company time and getting paid, they are expected to focus on work. The point you miss is no one is disputing their right to advocate for something they believe in. The issue is that players should not be doing this while they at working and getting paid millions of dollars to entertain and play football. They should be professional, focus on football and advocate for causes during their private time. That should be common sense and easily understood by fair minded people. If the NFL allows this disrespect of our flag and country to continue during games, then I hope people continue to protest and not watch games. USA First


I will say to the posters, thank you for your service. You have the right to your opinion, too, and I will not question how you feel. Or how anyone feels.