Monday, August 07, 2017

Tebow was an option?

I was kidding, but apparently the dolphins were serious.  According to cbs sports:

"There's actually some logic to the idea, even though signing a Mets Triple-A outfielder to be your starting quarterback for the upcoming NFL season would be an all-time headscratcher. It doesn't pass the "say it out loud" test, at all. 
Tebow has worked with Gase before as well, however. Gase was Tebow's quarterbacks coach in Denver back when Tebow and the Broncos miraculously stormed their way to a postseason win over the Steelers. Yes, it does feel like a million lifetimes ago. 
Tebow hasn't thrown a pass in the NFL since 2012. Ultimately there are just better options out there."
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Tebow would've been a huge mistake.


Dolphins would have won the super bowl with Tebow at the helm