Thursday, August 10, 2017

Serious Question...

Serious question:

Did the Dolphins UPGRADE the QB position with Cutler?

I think Ryan Tannehill definitely has more upside that Cutler but I am looking at it from a talent perspective and a "right now" perspective.

"Cutler is out here throwing lasers"

"Cutler has easily been the best QB on the field today"

"Cutler has excellent velocity on his throws"

"Cutler just hit Julius Thomas for a 40 yard gain up the seam"

"Cutler just hit Jakeem Grant in stride for a TD"

"Jakeem Grant had the best practice of his career today catching balls from Jay Cutler"

Those are all quotes from various media sources that cover the Dolphins. Keep in mind, this was day one of him practicing coming out of retirement. There was one media source that said "Cutler spent most of the day looking confused". That may be partially true but what do you expect? He said he woke up that morning and forgot he was in Miami! Dude just unretired to join a new team and probably had a cross country flight to get to Miami and had to practice the next day! All other media said Cutler looked damn good! So to that I say:

"If 1 person calls you a jerk, that's their opinion. If 10 people call you a jerk then guess what? You're a jerk!!"

So I must ask again, did Miami upgrade the QB position for this year?

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Strictly talent; Jay Cutler is a top 3 QB in league. No doubt. In Chicago and watching him play, he didn't do the small things that would elevate his play.


As far as arm talent goes - I think Cutler gets the nod. As far as leadership and Willingness to put the time in off the field Tannehill is tough to beat. We will know for sure what Tannehill means to this team after this year though!

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We'll see. The only thing I know for sure is that if Tanny didn't get hurt we wouldn't be having this discussion. But he did and we are.
I do think that Cutler was a great option from Gase considering his knowledge of the offensive scheme, ability to throw downfield (hopefully effectively-but the man has an arm), his prior success with Gase at Chicago, and last but not least his willingness to come to Miami (shows what he thinks of the Fins future).

My excitement for the new year hasn't diminished and we all should be hopeful and grateful we have a good team on the field. PLUS, all the Tanny haters will now have their day in the sun and the speculation will end for a Tannyless season. It's here, it's real, and lat's go get it. We have a hell of a team on the field and as I said in my opening statement, "We'll see."


I hope this injury doesn't spell the end for Ryan's career in Miami. If Cutler takes us to the playoffs my fear is the Dolphins will use their out clause in Ryan's contract to avoid his next year salary, $19 million reasons for the Fins not to be so loyal and 2018 draft we will be drafting what we hope is our next qb of the future. Sucks he got hurt, I really like RT17 and he had just grown into a good leader and was winning games in the fourth quarter for us


Frankly it seems like Gase is enamoured with Cutler. It feels as though Cutler is his guy. He's almost giddy. If Cutler can get us yo the playoffs I wouldn't be shocked if the team offers him a 3 year contact with a decent signing bonus to lighten the load on yhe cap. If that happens I'm sure Tannehill would be gone and we'd draft our QB of the future in the first round. I'm a Tannehill fan. I believe he can continue growing. My concern is he's going to ne 30 with a bad knee. It will be interesting to see how things play out.


Even here, in Brazil (we loved Dolphins), we view the same way, like you Neil Feller. We´re hoping for Cutler do what it didn´t in career and in this case, RT17 is out. The focus in Draft2018 will be a FQB.


2018 is a lifetime away. RT17 got us into playoffs last year. Winning in playoffs is going to be Cutler's only hope to removing RT17 next year. THEN he will want RT17 plus $$$.
2018 Draft is a lifetime away. McMillan just blew out his knee. We may be drafting who knows what next year.