Sunday, August 06, 2017

Jay Cutler Rolls Into Town But What's Next??

The Dolphins signed ex Bear QB Jay Cutler today on a one year contract which tells me that Ryan Tannehill is done for the season.

Matt Moore knew someone was going to be signed.  That's a no brainer.

Let's face it. Cutler was prepping to be a broadcaster so he probably wasn't doing push ups or sit ups or running gasers.

Who knows when he even last threw a ball?

He knows the Gase system so that helps him but I don't see how he can just walk on the field tomorrow and expect to be our starting QB in 3 weeks.

Cutler would have to work magic to get all the timing and communication with our WRs in order to catch up to Matt Moore.

I expect Moore to start for 2 reasons.

Number 1: He is ready and earned it.

Number 2: Unless Cutler blows Moore out of the water, what signal does this send to the rest of the players who have been busting their humps together for months and this new guy waltzes in and just takes over.

Now if Moore doesn't play well then we have a good guy who paid his dues and will then earn the respect of the rest of the team.

I could see him starting at that point.

This should be a good competition. And a competition it must be. Not a given.

We have a good team. We do.

What we sure as hell don't need is a QB controversy.

I hope Gase handles this well. He may be planning on starting Cutler.

But he should at least give Matt Moore the chance to lose the job.

This is going to be a very interesting 3 weeks.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
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It's a good move... we needed depth at the position and we got that... you don't pay a guy like Cutler without the notion he will start... I'm all about Moore, he's good... but I'm just going to trust the coach on this one... whether that's starting Cutler right away or making him earn it I don't care... I trust case you all should too


I believe in Gase. I hope he becomes another Don Shula for us and last 27 years.

With so little time for Cutler and the passing game to get on the same page, I hope Gase doesn't force the issue and then that winds up dividing the locker room.

Cutler is a good QB. He isn't Peyton Manning. Tannehill will return at some point and he will be the starter.

Who knows. Maybe Cutler will be another Kurt Warner story. But 3 weeks isnt a whole lot of time.

With only 16 games, everyone counts. It's not like baseball were position players are interchangible from team to team and can be traded and jump right in the next day.


I disagree with the Cutler may not be ready theory. Being a former athlete I know that at this point in his life it will be like riding a bike.

I believe Moore and Cutler should split snaps right now and go from there.


He is not in foitball shape. He has spent the last few months prepping to be a broadcaster. That's entails watching film, practice broadcasts, notes from producers, etc. He may hit the gym for an hour but tgat is nothing compared to training camp and having a 250 lb animal chasing you down. If he is not in top physical shape he could get hurt too.


Moore has earned the slot. Unless cutler blows him out of the water Moore should get the nod. I don't believe cutler is that much better. This could be risking morale. I trust Gase to do the right to thing, but his could turn into a soap opera shitshow. We don't need that, we are about to turn the corner.


I agree Kelly. Cutler has to get the chemistry down with the WRs plus he throws a heavy ball compared to Tannehill and Moore who throw a lighter much easier to catch ball so the WRs will have some drops until they get used to the ball arriving faster and harder.