Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dave's take: Tannehill

Okay, so maybe I have another two cents in me.

I really don't understand the devotion to Tannehill as the QB from the coaching staff.  He's average, and hasn't won jack.  He has exactly one 4th quarter comeback win in his career and the team declined to invest in anyone to even consider a future that might be different.

And that's after he got injured late last season and declined surgery.  That's his choice, of course, and team doctors must have signed off on it.  But it was a risk - given that he could have re-injured the knee, and later did.  Why not at least plan for that being a possibility?

So he goes down, and then the team makes a decision to sign Cutler, which is just fine.  Tannehill has often been compared with Cutler.  Overall, they have similar skills and abilities.  But the odd thing is that its a 1-year deal with really no plans for the future.  He's a stop gap for this year.

And that leaves the team in potentially an odd place next season.  Consider the possibilities:
* Cutler does well and the team does well
How could the dolphins justify replacing him?  How would chemistry work?  We've seen Tannehills upside, and its limited

* Cutler does well, and the team doesn't
If the team finishes below .500 but you have a QB with great stats and great ability to lead, once again its the dilemma of why you would change that.
* Cutler does poorly, and the team does well around him
If this is the case, then perhaps Tannehill would make a difference.  Maybe.  But team chemistry can sometimes be a weird thing.

* Cutler does poorly, and the team falters
Are we going to be led to believe that somehow Tannehill coming back will magically cure all the problems and the team will win?

* Cutler gets injured or benched
Then we're right back where we were at the start of training camp.  In that case, why not promote the young guy to get a shot.  

My broad point is that I think its time to move on from Tannehill.  Maybe he makes it back next season, but he should not automatically be the starter.  He should have real competition, and be given "an opportunity" to start again.

Actually, I'm hoping that the team does really well this season, along with Cutler, making it a tough call by the coaches on what to do next season.  We get the benefit of a fun season, and maybe stop having to talk about Tannehill.

(okay, so I'm a hater....)
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Tannehill 1 4th quarter comeback? Not sure how you biasedly came up with those numbers, but you're way off. Try 12 4th quarter comebacks and 10 game winning drives. I get it, you don't like Tannehill, but if you're going to negatively list his stats at least be accurate.

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How about tannehill is the only person in the world who can decide wether he's going to have a surgery. We don't live in North Korea.i wish he'd of had the surgery. Cutlets a good stop gap. Maybe he will go to the saints or the cardinals next year if he proves to be a good qb. Maybe bitching Dave can go be a fan of one of those teams!


A couple of major mistakes in your thread?

First, as Brody points out, he has 12 game winning drives, not 1.
Second, you say his upside is limited, but he has trended up over his entire year. His play in the last 8 games last year was phenominal. His deep ball accuracy, yards per attempt, etc. etc. So why do you think he has a limited upside? Nothing in your thread supports that assertion. I agree that TH17 is a middle of the pack starter at this point, but you can't replace him until you have someone better.


Hey Dave, we just had so many holes to fill this draft that drafting a QB would have been an expensive luxury, even in the 4th-7th rounds.

If Cutler plays well and wants to come back again, Tannehill will get cut. And if he doesn't sign with another team, he could come back as a backup and Moore get cut.

Eventually we do have to spend a high draft pick on a QB. But the past 2 years we had bigger needs on O and D so we addressed those.

With all the injuries, we need to be very wise in building depth on the roster. Trying to have a good backup at every position is critical to sustaining success.


Fair enough Carl. As for the 12 comebacks vs 1, most of these were a team effort - only one was the "hey ride my back and I'll take you victory"...but hey it is what it is.

The QB position has been a hole on this team since Marino retired (uhhh, like 17 years ago!), with no real plan to upgrade. Sure Tannehill has been trending upward, but every year its a "oh maybe he'll make the big leap this year..." but he still hasn't and now is injured.

This is the sore spot, and the main reason I stopped watching regularly. If the team chooses not to upgrade itself, I choose to spend my time elsewhere. No reason not to dream big at this point in the preseason. I'll let you all carry on as the season progresses.


I am perplexed by the whole Cutler is the next Dan Marino. I am a Phins fan from Chicago who has watched Cutler live (not on television or listening to "analysts") and the hype is unjustified.


Haha "team effort". No idea where you come up with your biased numbers, or how you decide on what comebacks he deserves credit for and what the team deserves credit for (last I checked he is part of the team and was becoming a good leader) but throwing game winning TD's in the 4th quarter after the team's been down, which he's done several times (against Seattle in '12, Atlanta, NE, and Cincy in '13, Minny '14, Rams last year just to name a few) is all you can ask him to do. Just calling you out on that "1 4th qtr comeback" number that you referenced as complete BS.


My opinion. The guy is no leader. And I leave it there.


Rewatch last year's Cardinals game and see how the team was responding to him, and the scene on the sideline after he was injured and came back out, and his teammates reactions to him and say he's not a leader. No, he's not Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Dan Marino, but as others have pointed out he does get better every year. You can do a whole hell of a lot worse at QB. That being said, I do agree I'd like to see them draft a young guy that they can develop behind him as a better plan B. Gase best trait is his QB developmental skills. Seems like a waste to not be taking advantage of that with a young guy. Hope we can draft someone by at least round 3 next year. If NE, GB, Den, NYG, etc...can spend relatively high draft picks on QB's every couple years, why can't we?


Hey 5 for 8, 108 yards, 2 TDs, I can't complain about Cutler right now.

I couldn't care less about what he did or didn't do in Chicago. All that matters to me is what he does in Miami.


I have to say I have never really been a Tannehill fan, I don't dislike the guy and being a Dolphin fan for almost 45 years I am rooting for him to get healthy.. Having said that I do believe Cutler exceeds Tannehill in two critical areas, Pocket awareness and throwing the ball to a receiver when he is not open(ala the Philly game to Parker). Tannehill always has difficulty with the rush and throwing the ball away and he always has seemed afraid to throw it in there like Marino used to.. QB's need a killer instinct and Tannehill's is more nice guy than Killer. Regarding Cutlers negatives I think will be mitigated by Gase. Remember this is probably the most talented team Cutler has ever played for.

Thomas (Fin Fan in California)

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Way way way too early for this conversation. Too many possibilities including recovery time and status. Lets see what happens this season also.


Great Dave kick a man when he goes on injury. Sometimes you unbelievable, Just my option. I think this coaching staff probably knows better than you what they are looking for.


"As for the 12 comebacks vs 1, most of these were a team effort - only one was the "hey ride my back and I'll take you victory"...but hey it is what it is". Wow, so most of his wins are team wins, how about the losses? Were those mostly his fault or the teams fault? Sounds like you are saying he's good enough to win with a good team around him.


Thomas Kaiser - great points, well said!