Friday, July 28, 2017

Dolphin's Offense Should Be Fun Tho Season

   The Miami Dolphins have a great set of receivers. We know what Landry and Stills can bring to the table, but this is the year that it's gonna come together for Parker. Now he is healthy and has learned how to be a professional athlete and take care of his body, he has practiced hard and fast and he has not missed ny practice time.

If TE Julius Thomas can stay healthy he can be a major seam threat. But the thing is he wasn't healthy and was used to block a lot instead of as a receiver in Jacksonville , so here's the thing he will now be used properly for his receiving skill set, but at the same time he has become a better blocker because of Jacksonville than when Gase had him in Denver.

Jay-train has been practicing routes and pass catching all off-season because he wants to be the best he can be and Drake can be a burner kind of receiver out the backfield helping to stretch the field and Williams is at least solid.

I do remember Fasano catching some TDs for the Dolphins way back when he was here, he's no speedster but has good hands and defenders don't see him as a pass catching TE , but he can.

On offense the only worry is the Oline but will see how it plays out. I think the line will hold at least middle of the pack, average. I'm hopeful and excited about the team you should be too.

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Good post Mike. I am loving our offense and believe 30 points a game is very possible.
If Pouncey is healthy, the OL will be good. He should have another Pro Bowl season.
Tonsil could as well. We wouldn't have shipped off Albert unless Tunsil was ready to replace an outstanding LT. With that in mind, he could be up for Pro Bowl consideration. We were so lucky to get Tunsil at 13 of last year's draft. He was a definitive top 3 pick until the smoking video came out. Now that he is back at his natural position, I expect him to play very well.
We could have 2 Pro Bowl players on the OL.


I'm most worried about TH17 playing with that big brace on his leg. They say it's all healed, then why the bleep does he need that brace?


I would rather see Matt Moore under center as the starter because he gets into the end zone regularly and he scores a lot of points. Scoring a lot of points each week is the only way we will come out on top in our division.


@ Gary....TH17 wears the brace for protection only...he will be as mobile as usual