Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 season much tougher tha 2016

   I know or at least think that the the Dolphins will improve from last season to this season, not just because the players they added or resigned, not just because it's year two for Gase as head coach, not just because T_hill will take a step forward in his second year with this system but it's a combination of all those things.
Now, the interesting question here is will they improve enough to be a play-off team when you consider the schedule with all the traveling and all the winning teams we got to play against this season and only 7 home games because the England game counts as home, though ​it's not and no by following that game.
Smoke and mirrors won't cut it this season, they need to be and stay healthy and really step it up a notch to make the playoffs.
This year if the Dolphins make the post season is because they are true contenders not pretenders. On a different note good luck with the draft to the power trio with the draft tomorrow evening.

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It is a tough schedule with a tough 9 games on the back end but there are never any gimmies in the NFL. You have to show up and play.

We have a talented team that plays with a lot of heart. We have a good coaching staff now so I feel confident that we will compete.

I say compete because every other team on our schedule has already through free agency or will through the draft, improve their rosters.

So we have the 5th hardest schedule based on last year's records. Let's just strap them up and play and hopefully we do make the playoffs.

It sure would be great to win the division already.


The Pats didn't pick yet, hee-hee! The Jets and Bills both took safeties, that also warmed my heart because obviously they feel they're going to need them against... us!