Monday, February 20, 2017

Sources Confirm Julius Thomas to Dolphins for Late Round Pick

    In confirmation of a story I wrote here three weeks ago, James Walker just wrote that sources report that the Dolphins will acquire Julius Thomas from the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I had expected Jacksonville to cut the out of favor Thomas, leading to the Dolphins signing him.  However, Jacksonville kept Thomas in order to gain some value for him in the move to Miami.

    This move makes almost too much sense.  Thomas reunites with the coach who made him great.  Gase fills a major hole without having to burn a high draft pick on a developmental player.  And the Dolphins offense picks up another potential probowler, albeit one who has had trouble staying healthy.

    If Thomas can return to something like the form he last experienced under Gase (65, 788, 12) the Dolphins will have significantly upgraded their offense for years to come.  Lets hope our coach knows what he's about- there is no reason to suspect otherwise.

    Finally, the Dolphins front office seems to be making sensible, timely choices that adhere to plain common sense.  And it pleases me to say, you heard it here first.

Jay Lopez
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What happened to the Branden Albert trade?


You called it Jay. A month ago. Good for you.

Hopefully he stays healthy and we don't have another pile of cap space on the sideline.

I love the move if we can lower the cap hit. With Albert going we should at least break even.

The front office has been on fire for a few years now. Good drafts and smart free agent signings.

And yet, despite all the right moves, it all bowls down guessed it...the topic that want go away...Tannehill.

Can he get back on the field and have mobility. We need the threat of the read option to open things up for Ajayi.


He is going to Jacksonville for a late round 2018 draft pick


Good points Carl! As for BA trade: likely two separate transactions?