Friday, January 06, 2017

Proud Week For Young Dolfans

It's truly been a blessing. And a long time coming.

I can only imagine all the excitement in South Florida.

Back in the 80's, when I lived in West Palm Beach, going to the playoffs was much more commonplace.

Dolfans were pretty pumped up about our chances whenever you get to the playoffs with Dan Marino.

You knew you had a great chance to move on.

So discussions were always about the next round and who or where we would play next.

This year, I find myself looking back on the season. Not really looking ahead.

Not that I don't believe we can win in Pittsburgh. I think we can.

It's just that this whole season seems so miraculous.  So unusual to this franchise.

In the past 7 years, we might string a few games together to create some hope. But never enough wins to get over the hump.

I live in New Jersey, so it's pretty rare to run into another Dolfan.

Today, as I walked into the local diner, I heard someone say "nice jacket". I turned and the guy said "I'm a Dolphin fan too".

"Let's get 'em! Been a great year." A high five. That was about it.

I know this 14 year old kid I see at Mass. A nice kid. He is a Dolfan as well.

It's kids like him and so many other kids ages 12 to 20 that I am most happy for. Those newbies who came on board since 2009.

Not so much for myself but those diehards who have waited their entire cheering lives for their beloved Dolphins to be in the playoffs.

I've been a Dolfan a while. Since Christmas Day 1971. So I have been very fortunate to witness and partake in some tremendous victories.

Enough good memories to sustain me through those lean years.

These kids are tougher fans then I could have ever been. They have stuck it out.

When all your peers are probably rooting for other teams and they get to wear all their garb into school during playoff week, that's gotta hurt a bit.

Our kids were left with there is always next year.

But this week had to be glorious for those kids. For their Dads.

Had to have been some happy campers in the hallways.

That's what comes to mind.

Being a kid and having your team in the playoffs. Walking the halls, proudly wearing a jersey, sweatshirt, tee shirt and/or hat with a Dolphin emblem on it.

Had to have been pretty special this week.

I hope it continues for these kids. I hope they get another week of walking those halls with their heads held high.

Who knows? Maybe a month's worth.

That would truly be special.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Carl, nice read from your section of the bleachers!

The most-doubted Dolphin is Ross, the man who assembled this "team". Dan Marino is on board, what more need be said!


So true.

I don't think Ross gets enough credit. It's not like he wanted to lose all those years. He spends bucks.


30-27 Phins with a buzzer-beating FG.


Gogo, I hope so.