Sunday, January 22, 2017

On Quarterbacks.

Over in the NFC, you have what could be one of the great QB matchups of all time: Rodgers vs Ryan. Both have had astounding seasons, and really terrific careers. It could be that the matchup may not be so great, or the game could be weird in some way, but on paper it's exciting.

And of course, both were oh-so-close to being dolphins.

Back in 2005, the 49ers drafted first and took Alex Smith.  Aaron Rodgers was there as the dolphins picked second... but Saban took Ronnie Brown at that spot, and Rodgers sat in the green room as he dropped in the draft, all the way to the 20s. It was embarrassing, and for the dolphins more so because many speculated as he dropped the dolphins might trade up from round two to get him...but ultimately they traded down, and let him go to the packers.  Ronnie was okay, but never great.

Then in 2008, the dolphins drafted first and took Jake Long, letting Ryan go to the falcons at #3. Long is out of the league and Ryan might get the MVP. And for the record, I railed about this decision pretty regularly.  After all, the falcons and dolphins were pretty much in the same "sorry" state that year. Arguably, the falcons have fared better over time...

Now a word about the current dolphins QBs. Or more to the point, what is going on with the medical staff?  First off, the Matt Moore situation in the playoff game was weird.  He gets hit so I hard, I felt it. One friend said "oh shnizzle I think he broke his jaw." He gets tended to and goes to the sideline. The backup comes in, and before he has even take a snap, Moore is back at the coaches side asking to go back in.

How is it even possible to have done a concussion evaluation - an independent one as required, away from the game - in the minute he was on the sideline. Sure, maybe he showed no signs of concussion, and he was "fine" according to his agent, but that's not how concussions work; it's impossible that he didn't have one.  Shame on the dolphins for letting him back in that quickly.  Yeah. It's always about results on the field and perhaps he gave you the "best chance" to win in a game that couldn't be won, but he should never have gotten back in.  And it shows how poor the concussion protocol is.

And then there's tannehill.  He got hit and had a knee injury, of some undetermined nature.  He and the doctors decided against surgery and we were told he might be back for the last week, or the playoffs. Only to find out after the season there was no way he was coming back this season. That may have been some subterfuge to make teams unsure who to prepare for, or it could be that the doctors and coaches handled it somewhat ineptly. I'm leaning to this as the answer because now it appears tannehill probably will need surgery anyway.  And according to a few doctors who do this type of surgery, they suggest that there's a 9 month recovery...which would mean tannehill could miss the first month of the season.

Ummmm, wow, he's just okay as a starter and now he might miss 25% of the season? That doesn't seem like a recipe for success.

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With Moore's concussion history, it appeared that he was done for the game. He should have been held out, he looked like he was running in sand afterwards.


When I saw the hit on Moore, I thought he got knocked into the next week. And he layed on the ground for a long time. The training staff got him to sit up for quite a few minutes.

I am not sure how long the initial protocol steps for a concussion would take. I guess they ask you some questions about were you are, the date, some personal information, something to process and see your responses. Do you answer quickly and decisively or do you search for the answer. I guess they ask you to follow a finger with your eyes.

Moore claimed he hurt his back when he hit the ground. That could be true. With a stiff back in a cold environment you may not be as flexible as a loosey goosey player and may not run as well.

In High School football, which I officiate in NJ, we have to take a concussion class each year. We are taught what signs to look for. Moore didn't display physical symptoms to me from what I can see on TV. He wasn't stumbling off of the field nor did he vomit.

Cognitively, only the training staff and Doctor could answer for that. I doubt very much, if there was any doubt, he would have been allowed back into the game.

I know there was much discussion about the time element in clearing him. But if he passed tests while sitting on the field and then passed a follow up just after on the sideline, what is there to stop him from getting back into the game after missing just 1 play.


I'm no doctor, i can't second guess their protocol. It seemed fast, but how would i/we know. I'm bummed about TH17, he was just coming into his own as a QB and i hope this doesn't hold him back next year.


Good info, Carl. Wonder he didn't lose any teeth. Looked worse than a MMA uppercut.


Tannehill is another issue. A sprain is still a tear. Just minor.

The problem with healing a tendon is that a tendon doesn't get the same amount blood flow like other parts of our body. So the healing agents in our system take so long to heal the tendon.

When you cut your skin, the blood flows immediately to help heal it quickly. Not so with tendons.

The therapy is to build the muscles up around the knee while trying to keep them stretched so the muscles in the leg can remain strong and carry your weight. The muscles must also remain stretched so as not to put stress on the damaged tendon.

So heat to relax the muscles, then tretch the muscle groupings, then low impact movements with bands and big balls to allow the muscles to work without hurting the knee. Add some 1-3 lb weights on ankles and do long leg movements to push the gluten. Move into light weight leg presses then ride a bike to loosen them up. Finally ice cold wrap with electric stimulation while squeezing the upper legs muscles. It's a process.

If he needs surgery then we waisted 6 weeks.