Sunday, January 01, 2017

Nothing Gained, Nothing Lost For Miami Dolphins

The Chiefs won anyway.

Even if we beat the Pats, we were still going to Pittsburgh as the 6th seed.

When you look at our final score, it looks like we got completely spanked.

We got beat. But it was closer than the final score indicated.

7 minutes left and we were on the doorstep of making it a one possession game.

We had already done that after taking the 2nd half kick off down the field and Matt Moore found a wide open Kenny Stills making the score 20-14.

Lets face it. We have to play a perfect game to beat the Pats with so many subs starting.

But fumbling the ball on the 5 yard line and watching it go 80 yards the other way is not anything close to perfection.

Ok. So we go to Pittsburgh. We were gonna go there anyway.

What did we lose? Nothing.

An argument can be made that we gained a little.

Pittsburgh is tough, but they aren't the Patriots.

They will watch film. They will be ready but they won't be as cranked up as if we beat the Pats.

No. Falling on our faces isn't as bad as it looks.

We know we could play better than we did.

And I am confident we will in Pittsburgh.

Up here in NJ, there are plenty of Steelers fans running about.

Many of my friends, including my sister, will be waving their terrible towels this week.

I sure could use an upset here.

We should open 7 point underdogs. Better for us.

Nobody will give us a chance. Better for us.

We are playing with house money. Better for us.

We have nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

Lets just enjoy the ride, however long it lasts.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Good points Carl. Winning or losing meant nothing today.

The question is, can our defense stop anyone? Our linebackers got eaten up today.

If Ajayi goes over 100 and gets 20+ rushes, i say we win.

Our team is injury decimated but somehow they found a way in the playoffs, it's something to definitely build upon for the future


Lawrence, we have to run the ball at Pittsburgh which will allow us to utilize play action to open up the passing game and keep our defense on a heated bench.

We are going to have to score 30 points to win. We are not going to shut them out.

This game comes down to our O Line controlling the line of scrimmage. Wake and Suh need to come up big as well.

If they play well and we don't turn the ball over, we can win. It's not impossible.


And what is up with Blount calling Suh a dirty player?!

Isn't that the pot calling then kettle black?

I specifically remember Blount sucker PUNCHING a player in college

What an idiot


Good article. Really thought Phins would score and it was going to be 27-21 with about plenty of time left. It would have meant another important stand for the Defense to get the ball back without Brady scoring again, but at least there would have been a chance. Too many subs in too many important spots. The safeties, the LB's were both awful, and no sacks on Brady. In Pitt, the AJAYI formula must return and the Phins have to hit Big Ben a few times. I think the previous article hit it on target when they wrote the Phins need to score 30 to win. Will it be Tannehill or will it be Moore ? I am rooting for Tannehill. It would be good to get him some playoff experience.
He is the Phins QB long term like it or not. The Phins could pull out a 30-27 win and go to a rematch with NE. Imagine a victory there ? Miracles happen. Would be one of the biggest in franchise history.
Suh and Wake sandwiching Brady, knocking him out and Phins win ! Wow.
Nice dream.


I agree that I would like to get Tannehill some playoff experience.

Regardless of who plays QB, we have to get the J-Train on track in order to win this game.


I agree the Dolphins played better than the score makes it look. The Dolphins beat themselves with three turnovers, including the one when we were in the red zone that was returned 80 yards. If the Dolphins win the turnover battle at Pitt. they have a chance to win.



No turnovers, limited penalties, run the ball for 100 yards and 50 % red zone efficiency on defense with 75% red zone efficiency on offense.

Not much to ask for.


The back breaking play in the game is when we had momentum was the horrid defensive play call on the edelman TD. Before the snap u can see that no one was lined up with him. A rookie qb could have read that play let alone Brady.


Yep. That's what happens with so many new guys out there.


The turnovers were the difference. The game was way closer than the score indicated. We can beat the Pats, no question. Just need to play harder in the first half and not turn the ball over. We can beat Pittsburg, but if we don't, it's been one hell of year and it's only going to get better.