Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Real Reason Ratings are Down

    The average NFL play lasts 6-7 seconds from snap to whistle.  The average NFL offense runs about 65 plays per game (though Miami was last, running 56.9 last year- figures, right?)  The quick math types out there will already see where this is heading: the average amount of time you actually see football being played is 850-900 seconds per game.  Which comes out to less than 15 minutes.
     Which is, in the end, why the NFL must pay players more, win a concession on the game clock rules, and add more football to football.
      Ask any play-starved fantasy owner how he feels watching his team play against one of the many clock-killing offenses in the league, and you will get a desperate version of what pretty much every fan senses:  there simply aren't enough plays.
     Many teams elect to play defense by running short yardage offenses and running the whole play clock between snaps.  This results in the fairly standard 9 minute drive we see at least once a half.  How many times does your team get the ball for its first possession with more than half of the first quarter elapsed?
     The problems are multi-sided.  First, the NFL has done its best to eliminate special teams play, which has resulted in touchbacks rather than plays, a rather joy-killing interlude between drives.  Second the NFL changed the rule that allows the clock to run after players leave the field of play for most of the game.  When most of us were growing up, the clock remained stopped on any out of bounds play at any moment in the game, which led to those glorious 50 pass afternoons we all remember.  Third:  the NFL now runs clock after penalties, which used to create stopped clocks. Fourth: few coaches like to snap the ball with significant time left on the play clock.
    The end result is that less football is being played. What do we get more of?  Instant replay reviews (I'd rather accept a bad call now and again than watch the idiotic number of litigious replays.) Advertisements.  And Phillip Rivers making nonsense "adjustments"  at the line of scrimmage (how many arcane calls are there for "I'm going to throw another interception now.")
   People laughed at Manning's "Omaha" calls- not fully realizing that what they were watching was the future of football- or should I say, the future of no football?
   The fix is simple.  Give the NFLPA some more loot in exchange for more plays, not for more games.  We don't need 18- we need the 16 we have to be more fun.  Stop the clock when players go out of bounds, no restarts on any fouls, and please, take five seconds off the play clock.  I can't handle the drama of the extended snap count.  I guess I don't understand "the chess match."  Or maybe I do- and I choose to watch football instead.

Jay Lopez

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Is Tannehill The Man In Miami

Someone called me out on Tannehill, I had lost faith in him, I didn't see him as a good QB in my honest opinion I believed the last couple drafts we should have drafted one QB early and give a fresh kid a chance to knock Tannehill off or not, the competition would have made them both better or at least bring out the competitors in them.

I love the Fins and I pay attention to games and I'm not blind to game tape and I'm very happy to see Tannehill coming into his own. Tannehill is maturing as a leader his always been tough and the biggest problem he had was the long ball and to his credit he fix that issue, his making better desitions getting them out of bad plays not throwing pics. If

Give plenty of credit to O-line play and the running game, but also I think the one major issue with him got taken care of this off season and that is ding, ding, ding, ding a coach unlike any he ever had before one that can get the best out of him, mold him into at least a good above average QB maybe a great one(I hope) but anyway let's see what happens there's a lot of football to be played and he has still a lot he can improve on if he wants a great career.

This is were I would love to be wrong, if he is the man great, but if not next year who wants to pay someone who is not that good something 18 or 19 million. There is only a minor salary cap hit if he is released. So yeah he has to prove it these next 7 games.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Dolphins To Roll Over The Rams.

   So the Miami Dolphins are tearing apart their opponents despite the mistakes that have been made and the flags that have been thrown. The team had to overcome so many penalty first down that kept Charger drives alive and Grant dropping the ball giving the Chargers possession at the 7 yard line, but they did it. The fans hadn't seen them overcome like they have done in this winning streak in many, many moons. This is a hungry team that finds a way to win were they used to fold.

  The fins are a young team and I have to say coaching is bringing the youngsters along just fine. The team is maturing right before our eyes, and the older players have all bought in to the scheme and have become better leaders and a better locker room presence to the young players.

   There's a new attitude in town and that's a resounding yes we can win attitude and that's a very dangerous thing for our opponents, and a great thing for us fans. Enjoy the games and cheer your team they are relevant and they are getting better every week.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Job One Complete: Gase has Gotten the Locker Room Right.

    This was a win we were not supposed to get.  The Dolphins were playing a talented opponent on the road.  That opponent was essentially in an elimination game. And the referees were partial, in my view, bailing out the Chargers on numerous third and longs on questionable calls (yet somehow missing the PI against Parker?)
    This was a game the old Dolphins would have lost, leaving all of us to complain and fret.  But this team showed something today that we haven't seen in a long while:  character in the face of adversity.  They were able to do so because our coach handled his first piece of real business:  resetting a dysfunctional locker room,
     Our team's attitude and energy hasn't been right since Jonathan Martin was lumbering around, mouth agape, and Joe Philbin was busily running all passion out of our building.  When Gase inherited this team, he had a group of underachievers on hand who were ready to mail it in and collect a check.  He also had some fine football players who wanted to work.  More crucially, he had a group of players who could break either way.  So he did three necessary things.
    1) He gave all of the existing players a shot.  How frustrated were we all watching Billy, Dallas, and Jamil stink up the joint in the preseason?  But Gase let his incumbents have the respect they likely felt they were due.  He gave them an honest shot- and this must have had a positive effect on the professionals in his locker room.
    2) He then ruthlessly cut dead weight.  He let the team know that he was the only man guaranteed to be on the team in three years, and he ran the weaklings off before they could make his position rooms soft.  Goodbye Billy, Dallas, and Jamil.  Don't let the door hit ya' where the good Lord split ya. And in their absence, players who know how to work felt validated.
    3) He then smashed some egos in order to salvage talent.  Rather than running off a Vontae Davis, one gets the impression that Gase would have taught him how to be a pro.  Look at what he did with Byron Maxwell, who played today like his hair was on fire and his ass was catching.
    So rest easy, Dolphins nation.  We have a leader in place who understands how to build a football culture.  We haven't had that since Johnson.  The wins will come- and they will be sweet.  Like it was today.

Jay Lopez

A Huge Win For The Program!

Defense! Defense! Defense!

Wow! 4 interceptions in the 4th quarter says it all.

The refs tried to take it away but Kiko Alonso took it to the house instead.

After ticky tackling us to death with so many bull shit defensive holding calls, how the hell do they not call defensive holding when the dude pulls Parker to the ground in the endzone on our last series?

Just astounding.

Gotta love this win. it truly keeps our hopes alive for a wild card.

The way the AFC is shaping up, we may not be able to lose another game.

RT deserves a lot of credit today. He took some big hits and hit some big plays.

We are so young as well.

We just gotta get into the tournament and see what happens.

Congratulations to our coaching staff, our players and our fans!

Amazing win!

Phins up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971