Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Is It Sustainable?

Yes, we are all happy that we can run the ball and have won two in a row, but the question is can this vicious run game continue to be successful or will defenses figure out how to stop it or will the O-line falter and not stay healthy given the extra effort they put out to win the the battle of the trenches and time of possession.

I must say that winning the time of possession also means a longer period of play for the O-line which has not been able to stay healthy for any extended period of time, the more they play the bigger the chance someone gets injured.

I'll bite, and say that I think we can sustain it because everyone in the team is exited and wants to be a part of something great, the players are all very motivated by what's going on and that confidence can move swagger can move mountains or at least opposing D-lines, I hope.

If the Dolphins can run for not 200 yards a game from Jay Ajayi, but if we can get between 120 to 150 yards a game from our RBs as a unit, we are good to go.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Jets Week.

 -In this run heavy offense the Phins will need Williams or Drake to take a step forward. Signing Rambo will reduce one of these RBs special teams snaps which will lead to a more expanded role on offense. I really hope it's Drake, he is just the kind of lightning to go with the Jay Trains thunder.

-The Jets play a ton of man coverage which should present some big play opportunities for Tannehill with his legs.

-Gase should add the Pistol formation to his arsenal. He would have most of the runs and almost all the playaction plays, with a different look. Also, a variation of the zone read would be available.

Mo Perkins