Saturday, October 15, 2016

Big Test For Tanne-Hype

Well Ryan Tanne-Hype should have no excuses as it looks like the entire starting OL will be assembled and ready to go against Pittsburg.

Granted, he had been running for his life the past few weeks with an OL comprised of enough cast aways to star along side Tom Hanks.

With Albert, Tunsil and Pouncey all expected to suit up together we should get a true gage on Tanne-Hype and his abilities to operate in Gase's offense.

I hope he does well. We surely need a big win to help salvage the season.

Phins Up!!!
Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Friday, October 14, 2016

A little humor

It's nice of the Dolphins to welcome the steelers, since they'll probably be spending a lot of time in the end zone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Not all is Tanne's fault

I say this there's a lot of problems on the team and that's obvious right now, Tannehill is an average QB maybe a little less or a little more than average. He seems have not idea where the pressure is coming from I see pass rush go almost directly at him and he doesn't see them coming. I see him hold the ball too long, I mean if your o-line is bad you have to feel the clock in your head going 1,2,3 throw the ball, not sit there I think one of my WRs is going to come open soon. I know pressure sucks but come on. If your QB is good he can hide some of the flaws of the line, if the line is good they can hide some of the flaws of the QB, but no we don't have that kind of QB or line to complement and make each other look good. I'm not even gonna talk about accuracy which is and has been a problem. There is no way Tannehill is our QB next season. To think that the team would have to pay him something like 19 or 20 millions for next season makes me I'll, that would set the franchise back for years. By the way don't forget that we have to pay Suh close to $30 millions next year and that is 4,5,6 good player money, I would feel better about it if he was a touchdown machine! So I go back to the saying that i began to say when my team began to suck (IT IS WHAT IT IS).

Mike Tannenbaum, Football Genius.

    The NFL has turned into a quick drop, short passing league.  Most offenses attempt to be positive on first and second down and rarely take big shots down field, unless they have mobile quarterbacks who can buy time in a broken pocket.  The goal is to take advantage of clock rules that allow offenses to control the football for 9 minutes at a time, so long as they can consistently earn short third down conversions.
    These changes have made pas- catching running backs a must.  They have made the tight end a massively important position.  And they have deemphasized the importance of field-stretching wideouts and pass protecting offensive linemen.
     Defensively, these changes have made linebacking corps the most important units on the field.  If teams are attacking the 3-5 yard area on the field on quick drops, it is fairly obvious that the players in that part of the field are the key.  Defensive interior lines don't matter much so long as they are competent.  Defensive ends are somewhat valuable, but the key is to be quick and tough in the middle.
    Mike Tannenbaum missed the memo- all of the memos, really.  He doesn't value linebackers.  He doesn't value tight ends.  He doesn't seem to understand that over investing in interior d-linemen who watch helplessly as the other team attacks the flats and the edges makes no sense.  And he certainly doesn't get that tying up 30% of our salary structure on offense and on defense in the lines was trying a 90's mentality in the new millennium.  
    The Dolphins suck because they are built to play a sport that no one else in the NFL is still trying to play.  The contracts suck.  The concepts suck.  And the general manager, unless he is secretly working for the Kraft family, is a complete wreck.  Let's blow it up and start over.

Jay Lopez

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

So much for expectations.

All I can really say is WOW, I thought I was being realistic when setting expectation for the fins. I figured a 7 or 8 win team is what we would put on the field. That would be ok if we show direction and excitement with competitive close games. Anyway some of you if not all where mad and saying a 9, 10 or 11 win team, all I can say is we all where dreaming, what a mess. I truly don't see an end in sight, the questions run deep, the hole they're digging is looking like grave!!! What a disappointing season we are having, what a bad taste each game leaves behind. And now we release our backups, when the starters are always hurt, shouldn't the coaching staff have known what the fan base has known for 2 years about Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner (they suck) should've released them in the summer (training camp).  We are in deep sh_t my friends. This season is lost.

Gase Missed A Chance To Overturn An Interception

Here is a learning experience for Adam Gase,

With 12 minutes left in the 3rd period, Tannehill threw a pass over the middle to Parker. Parker grabs it from behind and as he pulls it to his chest, Titans Jason McCurdy tries to grab it from him. Both Parker and Jason McCurdy have their hands on the ball as McCurdy goes to the ground. Since Parker's hands never left the ball as soon as McCurdy hit the ground with his back side the play was dead with co-possession in effect. Whenever there is co-possession in effect the ball belongs to the last team in possession unless the ball becomes dead on 4th down prior to the yard to gain (short of the yard needed to gain a first down).

Gase should have thrown his red flag to have that play reviewed and it would have been overturned.

If you look at the highlights link below, fast forward to 3:13 in the video to see the play and the corresponding replay.

Better luck next time.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, October 09, 2016


Fans chanted "we want Moore!" - which could either refer to Matt or could just be a call for more offense in a game.

Afterward, Gase was asked about it and specifically if he had any plans to bench Benny Hill.

Of course he said something like "he's our guy, and we're sticking with him. Don't ask again."

We're all suckers. And the Dolphins are headed for (I'll be generous and say) 2-14.


Dolphins hashtags

Here are a few hashtags that came to mind today to sum up what I saw.


Have any? Add yours below.

Time To Change Our Name To Miami Penicillins

We are just not playing well, we are, more importantly, not a good proram.

So why continue to embarrass what was once a glorious past.

From 1970 to 2003, we went 34 years with only 2 losing seasons.

Lets cut the cord. Lets walk, no run, completely away from our storied past.

This seems so senseless to consider this current franchise as an extension of what we once were.

I hear melenials mention that the Dolphins always suck.

They just don't know.

And frankly, this franchise is a complete embarrassment to what we once were.

Always winners, always in prime time,  always proud.

Today, nothing needed to be said.

All that was needed was that image of Matt Moore standing on the sideline and peaking over his right shoulder to see if his time had finally come.

We truly did nothing else worthy of discussing.

So let's at the very least change our name to something more appropriate.

And since we seem to cure everyone else's ills, let have the courage and common sense to call ourselves the Miami Penicillins.

That we could be proud of.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

We Have To Fix It Now...

"We have to fix it now. And by now I mean Monday"

-Ryan Tannehill after humiliating loss to Bengals last Thursday

Don't worry Ryan, we all you you meant this Monday October 10th. We all understood! No worries!

Go Ahead! Make My Day...

OK guys and gals, let's fill these comments up with excuses for this pathetic team like we know how! I'll start!

They lost because they didn't score enough points to win! Your turn...

I think he forgot about a couple of years

After Alabama won yesterday "Stone Cold" Steve Austin said   "I've been a Roll Tide fan for a long time, so I would call the Alabama Crimson Tide my No. 1 team." 

And then added "I really love what Nick Saban's done wherever he's been." 

Everywhere?  Even with the Dolphins?