Saturday, October 01, 2016

Bench Tannehill? No! Cut Tannehill!

What is it year 5 now? How much longer does this guy get? We've seen them draft and sign lineman. Draft and sign receivers. Multiple coordinators and the whisperer.

Sure he gets decent stats. But he can't win games and that is all that matters.

Meanwhile you have plethora of rookie and other assorted young guys who are winning. Now. With whatever they got.

Great players elevate their team. Clearly this guy doesn't belong in that conversation.

And I just saw that Tannehill ranks 29th on ESPNs QBR which is a measure of his stats and success.

The supporters will say "he just needs...whatever." And you know he'll keep starting and probably will come back next year too. But ... Why?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Without comment

Cause really. What could I say?

Down goes turd mcferguson!

I have been watching this vine for 10 minutes.  It's just so great!  Tannehill is sacked by his own player. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Seriously Gase? Mr. Ross? How much worse could it get? Draft a QB until you find a good one because Tannehill ain't it. Just Sayin'...

This Is Hilarious...

I'm dying to hear this post game BS from Gase and Co. 

Stupid penalties. Terrance Fede should be CUT tomorrow. 

Since Gase is benching people, the whole offense should be benched because they all suck. With 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, Miami ran 33 plays and has had the ball for 16 Minutes. They converted like 1 first down and AJ Green has more receiving yards than the entire offense. Wasn't Gase some sort of offensive genius or something? This offense has been anemic for the entire season with the exception of the 2nd half of the Patriots game. NOT. GONNA. CUT. IT.

Let's hear the excuses. "They are learning a new offense". How is the new offense working out for Philly? AND their rookie QB? You what what excuses are like right?

As of this writing, they have 1 less punt than they do points. 

And now Tannehill throws an INT. This team is laughable. 

Hey David Apollos! I agree with you! Time for Miami to move on from Tannehill. He clearly don't have it. He is a liability. I have seen the light!!

Originally, I thought Miami was a 2 year project. You can change that to 4 years because we need a QB. A couple real LBers AND CBs. RB. Some defensive ends because Wake and Williams are old, oh wait, Wake don't play much anyways even though he makes impact plays when he does, he still don't get more snaps. We need a TE. Some Guards. 

Only players that are worth a darn are Landry and Reshad Jones. Suh plays well on occasion but not worth his contract.

This team needs to be completely turned over. These guys can't be salvaged. They just plain suck. We are plagued by bad drafting and bad free agent moves from the past. Bad contracts. You name it, we suffer from it. 

All this false hope we have been talking about so far is complete BS. Who are we kidding? This team is hopeless. I wanted them to compete and I don't even get that on a weekly basis. Ask yourself, why do we watch this team? Why are we loyal? I honestly don't have the answer for myself. I'm done living in the glory days of Griese and Marino. That crap is the past. We are starting to sound like Cowboy fans talking about the 90's only in our case, it's worse because last time we mattered was the 70's. 

I'm done with this sorry excuse of a franchise. Until they start winning, they can count me out as a supporter of this pathetic crap they march out on the field on Sundays.

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Fire Mike Tannenbaum.

Nothing more to say.  This season is over.  This team will finish somewhere between 4-12 and 6-10, only because we have some very weak teams on our schedule and we refuse to do ourselves the favor of being awful enough to improve.

This was pathetic- almost as blindingly bad as the contrast of Dalton's hair and our stupefyingly ugly uniforms.

Signing. Off.

Hard to look away...

I'm watching the game and just laughing. And laughing. And laughing.

Every time the Dolphins do anything at all that's positive, they follow it up with something stupid.

Gase decided to bench maxwell for poor about benching Tannehill!

He may not be the problem but he is a problem and isn't helping his team...

I'm back on it...the guy is a bum and shouldn't be starting in the NFL. There are at least 34 other QBs better than him in the league. Let anyone start ahead of him...please....

These uniforms suck

But they are making me want a creamsickle!

They look - and play - just like the bucs in the 70s.


This team is a damn mess. Complete mess. 

It's a miracle we are only down 7-16. 

3 first downs in the first half? Give me a damn break. They can't get a first down to save their lives.

I said I would be happy if they competed this year, well they aren't even doing that. 

Defense is doing their job so far with critical stops but guess what? If Miami don't score a ton of points in the 2nd half and it's a close game, we lose. Our defense will be gassed. It's sad. Truly sad. This team can't put a complete game together if their life depended on it.

On the bright side, I didn't start Jarvis Landry on my fantasy team! How can he be productive with only 20 something snaps per half!!! LMFAO. 

So, anyone know who this year's top draft prospects are? We will have a high pick.

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It Starts or Ends Tonight.

     The Dolphins will hit the 1/4 mark in the season three nights earlier than usual.  They may also hit the end of their season.  Or be suddenly filled with real promise.
     Tonight is the season- period.  Open 1-3 in a league that only tolerates six losses, and you are finished.  On the other hand, win tonight and instantly legitimize yourself as a playoff contender.
    The Dolphins must have an every snap mentality tonight.  The key is to win on third down, on both sides of the ball, in the first half.  If they can do so, they can win.  From 2-2, the season looks promising.  From 1-3 the blogs will get quiet, the stands will fill with yahoos more interested in scenes than sports, and the season will be a lost cause to anyone with the sense to see it.
     So put up, Dolphins.  Or shut up and accept irrelevance until next year's draft.  In short, earn your pay, our faith, and your reputations.  Tonight.

Why Miami wins tonight

     You look at the Dolphins injury situation and the run defense situation, and all the injuries on the offensive line situation; and you must admit, it doesn't look good - going against a playoff caliber team.

    However, when you run the computer analysis on past performances and the head-to-head histories of these teams, it looks a tad more promising.  First, Cincinnati is not considered a prime time performer, winning only 4 of the last 14 prime time games.  Second, the Miami Dolphins are to the Cincinnati Bengals as the Ravens are to the Dolphins.  In fact, Miami is 15 wins to 5 losses in 20 games against the Bengals.

   I believe these things are in the heads of that organization and the players.  When we start to come back on them (we never seem to get the lead early on teams), they will be thinking, "here we go again."

      Miami 24,  Cincinnati 23.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I am beginning to love Chris Perkins

     It was not that long ago, I lumped Chris Perkins in with Omar Kelly.  Chris, let me say I am sorry.  While Omar calls Marvin Lewis ' coaching staff superior as one of the reasons Miami will lose on Thursday night,  Chris Perkins, for the first time I have ever seen from a Sun Sentinel beat writer, believes we are a playoff caliber team and that Cincinnati is a winnable, albeit a tough game.  Side note: David Hyde may have said the Miami Dolphins were a playoff team in the past.  Lately however, he seems to ape the Omar attitude and root assumptions.

     Chris, I don't always agree with your opinion or your "it is always on the players instead of coaching" stance, but I do love that you have stopped crapping on the organization and taking unnecessary shots at individual players even when that player had little to do with the outcome of a game, unlike your partner,  Omar Kelly.

     Frankly, it is time to move Omar Kelly out of town.   Miami, he just took another cheap shot at your coaching staff.  Mr. Ross, have the organization pull his press credentials.  He is not worthy of the position.  Sun Sentinel, send Omar packing, please.

     Miami must stop the run first, Thursday night.   I just watched the Denver game and saw how Hill and Company gashed a very good defense for big play after big play especially in the first half of that game.  It was ugly.  We must be disciplined up front to eliminate cutback lanes.  Somehow, I think our coaching staff has made the necessary adjustments and reiterated the details mantra, so that Miami will play a very good, highly contested game.

Prediction.  Miami Dolphins 24 - Cincinnati Bengals 23

Monday, September 26, 2016

Drew Brees

I'm watching Drew Brees playing and thinking longingly back to 2006 when the Dolphins stupidly passed on this guy.

They have had success in the decade since. The Dolphins? Not so much

Since then we've seen:
Joey Harrington
Daunte Culpepper
John Beck
Cleo Lemon
Trent Green
Both Chads (you know the hanging one and the pregnant one - probably a bad election joke!)
Tyler Thigpen
Matt Moore
And of course the current guy (Turd McFerguson)

And all of them. ALL of them. Have sucked.

And to think we coulda had Brees. Screw you Nick Saban and everyone since who couldn't even be handed a good QB.

What happens next?

Today was basically an off day for the team. Treatment and a little film study.

Tomorrow is light practice and some class type work. But not much on the field.

Wednesday is a travel day; and the game is on Thursday.

So what you saw yesterday is basically what you will see on Thursday. There isn't time to fix anything, really. And installing new stuff ain't gonna happen.

So is what you saw yesterday good enough to beat the bengals? Not a chance.

1-3 is in Miamis immediate future.

Usually it takes days to get over a loss

     As a self-proclaimed rabid fan of the Miami Dolphins, after a loss, I am usually sick to my stomach until dinner time Wednesday - before I can talk to my friends about the upcoming opponent.  However, since this week's game is Thursday, I will swallow my bile and move on to Cincinnati.

     I like our chances.

     We have a long history of playing up or down to our opponent's level.   This week was a case in point.   I believe If we strike early and our Defense finds a way to play the middle 5 to 12 yard area of the field, we will be fine.   LBs please defend your assigned gaps.  Everyone knows you overpursue, so they design line movement hard one way and cut back into the gap you just left - stop it Jenkins - you do it the most often.

     I sincerely believe Pouncey is coming back this week.   Or, more correctly, I believe Kim Bokamper and Joe Rose when they say they believe it.  That should help the running game.  Gase, please call a deep ball early in game to clear the middle.  Send Stills or Parker, or both, deep and have Tannehill throw a high arch ball.  If it is caught or close to being caught, it will keep their defense honest, which will open up the middle - man was it congested against the Browns.

    After months of practice, many of the players on both sides of the ball keep missing their asignments.  I must say I almost always blame coaching for that.  But, somehow this time I think it is player related brain-farts.  Dudes, get your heads clear and know your assignments.  It's time.

     Miami 27 - Cincinnati 20

Don't kid yourselves

Miami didn't win the game yesterday, Cleveland lost it. 

The Browns played a better game, had a better strategy, and should have won the game easily. They killed themselves with penalties and a few dumb plays. And missing a field goal at the end was dumb luck. 

We should be afraid because the dolphins are way worse. I can't think of anything Miami did better, except win. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Change My Mind?


That is the one word that comes to mind with Miami's performance today against the Browns. They were on their 3rd and 4th string QBs, without their top WR, without their top pro bowl corner, need I go on? 

Last week, the shitty performance was chalked up to, "Belichick is just a great coach" when we lost to an injury/suspension decimated Patriots team. 

Except this one is a lot different. We were at home. We had to pray to baby Jesus for a THIRD missed FG from Cleveland to not be embarrassed by a loss to probably the worst team in the NFL, even when healthy, which the Browns were not even close to. 

The Dolphins were also out coached. Badly. How is it that you cannot figure out how to stop one player? Terrelle Pryor toasted us, at nearly every possible position. What the hell Miami? Make a damn adjustment for pete's sake! Pryor had like 200 all purpose yards!

"We start slow"

"We have too many 3 and outs"

"We don't get stops when it counts"

"We are right there. We just need to execute"

All excuses that have come out of the Dolphins players mouth so far in this young season. Who gives a damn? You guys started slow today again, had too many 3 and outs, didn't get stops when you should have and if Cleveland had their starting kicker in the game you would have lost again! 

Everyone was quick to hand out a "moral victory" after playing Seattle tough in the opener. If there are such things as "moral victories", then please tell me what this one is? 

We should be proud of nothing.

Wanna change my mind Miami?

Beat the Bengals on Thursday. Show me that these are just growing pains of a young team and an inexperienced coaching staff. Let me know we are headed in the right direction. Don't give me a reason to start hoping we are shitty enough to have a top 5 pick in the draft. 


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Win Causes Concern

Just look at the headlines from Miami.

I am at a watering hole in NJ and checked in to read some coverage from the Land of Make Believe.

Sure enough nobody is happy.  

Any win in the NFL is a good thing.

Yet....the press still want perfection.

We are 1-2 which is a whole lot better than 0-3.

On to Cinncinnati!

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