Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sun Sentinel, Please Fire Omar Kelly

     Why do we have to listen to this blow-hard?  I am so sick of his pseudo-analysis.  It is like he roots against my beloved Dolphins, picking out negative instances of plays over the last 6 years, to further some vendetta against the organization for shunning him - so he has some "I told you" moments for his next week's articles and videos.  It has gotten out of control.  We want beat writers who actually like the Organization and the Dolphins as a Team.

     Miami front office, please pull his press credentials.  He does South Florida a disservice;  He does the Miami Dolphins a disservice; And, he does the Sun Sentinel a disservice.

     BTW blow-hard, Miami will win scoring in the high 30s to no more than 17.  I am guessing 41-13, not the close game you are predicting.

Friday, September 23, 2016

It's Isaiah Pead Time in Miami

    I wrote in these pages a few months ago that Ryan Tannehill would be unleashed as a running threat for the Dolphins this year.  I never took things so far as to claim that RT would be the Dolphins leading rusher.  But here we are.
    The Dolphins cannot ask Tannehill to be everything on offense.  They must boost their 3.7 yard average per carry and find someone who can carry the ball with durability and reliability.  In Foster's absence, that can only be Isaiah Pead.
    Consider the facts:  Ajayi is a fifth round pick.  He averages 2.2 yards per carry.  He fumbles and has already exhibited a sense of entitlement and attitude problems.  This ain't Idaho, kid.  We have options.
    Drake is promising, but he's a role player.  10 touches a game seems about right, and to get those touched he'll need to work on blitz pickups so he's not a liability.
    Williams is hard nosed and an excellent change of pace option.  He doesn't project as an every down player in this league, and is the sort of player who maintains roster viability by being useful on Special Teams and being comfortable in his bit role.
    That leaves Pead.  A second round pick who never found his way, he is fresh.  He averaged 6+ yards per carry in preseason.  And he wants to be a spark.  This is precisely the sort of player who sneaks up on you and takes your job while you are nursing another soft tissue issue in you brother's garage on some bizarre dietary regimen, not that I have anyone in mind.
    Foster had the best chance of starting the year, given his experience and pedigree.  Pead has the best chance of finishing.

    Oh, and a random thought for Tanny-hate nation:  Did you compare his numbers to Osweilier's tonight?  The Texans gave their QB 4+ yards per carry and he couldn't move the ball at the razor.  Our guy got no help on the ground and put up 300+.  Tannehill is good.  The rest of the offense needs to pick it up.

Jay Lopez

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What's Really Wrong with the Dolphins

    The 2016 Dolphins were built in "win now" mode by two different coaching staffs, both trying to meet the expectations of an aging, impatient owner.  The result is that we have built a team that reflects no particular person's values, but that involves a great number of high risk, low reward gambits.
    Problem 1:  Where we spent the money.  No good team in the league spends 30% of its salary on offense and defense on the lines.
      Offensive Line:  The desperation wrought by bullygate led to a series of high priced linemen (most notably Albert) who are sucking up a massive quantity of cap space.  Instead of patiently developing a line, we took the express lane and managed to fix the unit.  Express solutions are expensive, however.  A big part of this problem will be fixed when Tunsil moves to tackle next year and we cut Albert.  We can do what most teams in the league have done and find a journeyman guard.
     Defensive Line:  The desperation wrought by our porous run defense led to the signing of Suh.  Ok- he's great.  But it made no sense for a team that was denying that it was in rebuilding mode to commit so much loot to a win-now superstar.  All of the other troubling moves we have made as a consequence of this signing (letting Lamar Miller go for cap reasons, for instance) have made this move very, very expensive for Miami.  A quick thought is that we traded Olivier Vernon, Rishard Matthews, and Miller straight up for Suh- and chucked in a third round pick (Leonte Caroo) to boot.
    Problem 2:  Undervaluing crucial positions on the football field because we have a wannabe, trend chasing front office as opposed to visionaries.
    Dawn Aponte, Mike Tannenbaum, whatever Tampa castoff comes next- all have been trying to follow blueprints established by other teams rather than thinking about their own needs and vision.  The result is that when conventional wisdom in the NFL decided running backs were overvalued, we undervalued ours. When the NFL common wisdom said linebackers didn't matter, we passed on players like Kendricks, Barr, and Jack (to name only players from UCLA) so that we could load up at other positions.  We are built incorrectly.  Today's great NFL teams have running backs and linebackers.  We are out in the cold.
    Problem 3:  Hiring Joe Philbin.  He killed us- for a decade.  His "my way or the highway, tie your shoes young man" approach to coaching led to purges of players of tremendous value.  How much would Vontae Davis have helped us?  This disastrous, fearful hire set us back so far.  This staff will be great- but they have to start from too far down to recover this year.

    The solution:  blow it up and get the contracts right to compete in two years.  Get out of the monster contracts in dead end positions like left tackle.  Today's NFL offenses throw quickly- they don't need four seconds on the edge.  Get rid of Suh- he can't win games against rookie lines, and his salary is killing us.  Hang on to young talent, and don't make Miami a retirement community for aging vets.

And maybe don't blitz on every third down against mobile rookie quarterbacks.  But that's another story...

Jay Lopez

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Wait Is On...

So through 1 half, Philly has 21 yards rushing. Has not scored a TD. Their QB is in his 2nd start in the NFL EVER and yet they are winning ON THE ROAD with far less talent than Miami. What's your excuse Dolphins? I'll wait...

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Boston Baked

Did the Dolphins over-eat baked beans while they were in town? Constipated in the first half, crapping points in the second half! Wow!

It was a first half to forget: Punt-punt-punt-punt-fumble-int.-FG! Except for the ten-play late half field goal, the Dolphins offense once again stranded the defense with six consecutive four and out drives. Miami's offense ran 34 plays in the first half. The defense was out there for 53. For the game, the Dolphins' offense ran 48 plays and the defense, 92! Unacceptable!

Turnovers! Four of them doomed any chance the Dolphins had to pull this game out! Enough said!

The score might have been worse in the first half if not for the Dolphins punter, Matt Darr. He boomed four punts for a 50-yard average!

What's up with Mario Williams and Cam Wake? Williams had one solo tackle, and that was the total between them!

No Foster, no running game. Hurt, again. The Dolphins ran the ball 16 times in the game, with Tannehill accounting for six carries. Let me say that again, the Dolphins averaged 4.4 yards on the ground, yet ran the ball only 16 times!

The only thing the Dolphins seem to be good at is inflicting pain on opposing quarterbacks, they almost knocked Wilson out of the game last week and succeeded in knocking Garropolo out of the game yesterday!

Yeah, it's only 2 games, but the offense had better get it together before they dig a hole the team can't climb out of.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pathetic Defensive "Game Plan" Results in Embarasment for Franchise.

    Do the math.  Your opponent has three wily, quick receivers who are small targets.  He also has a very mobile quarterback who is elusive and accurate but green.  You have 30% of your defensive payroll on your line, with mobile linebackers, excellent safeties, and big corners.
     It's so clear.  You pressure with 4 and flood the secondary.  Confuse the kid with lots of bodies around his microscopic receivers.  And keep containment on the running game.
    On third down in New England- and it was third and long on every Patriots drive- the Dolphins instead blitzed.  Every time.  The result was conversion after conversion and 24 first half points to a backup quarterback lacking his pro bowl tight end.
     There is no way we could have been so stupid.  Simply none... But tomorrow I will look at the standings and we'll be buried, where we belong.  Seattle sucks this year.  New England sucked today.  We were too stupid, both weeks, to capitalize.

Pathetic.  Don't kid yourselves- this was low hanging fruit.

Jay Lopez

We will still make the playoffs

The dolphins defense needs to grow a pair.  Freaking stop someone.  And, Gase throw the ball 10 times in a row to start the game.  This BS is just that, BS.  After one quarter Tannehill had 2 attempts.   Tannehill, start making better throws.  And, Call better line protections.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....

Just when we thought we could snatch victory from sure defeat....

Just when we fantasized about greatest comebacks in somebody's history....

Reality hit.

With us down by 7 with 6 minutes to play the Patriots rallied behind their 3rd string QB and pounded the ball off their left side for 53 yards in route to eating 5 precious minutes off the clock.

Tannehill tried to drive us down the field but despite the Pats missed FG with 1:04 left, the writing was on the wall.

Another poor performance in Foxboro.  Another loss.

But at least this time, we never thought we had a chance behind by 28 points.

Lets give the Pats some credit. They did what they had to do to win the game.

And we knew it was coming.

Pound, pound, pound.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Cleveland comes to town on Sunday. The improved stadium will be revealed in all its glory.

And after 2 straight road losses, the Dolphins' 2016 season is suddenly on the clock.

Phins up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

So Far: Gutless. Sad. Punks.

    If you can't beat this Oline without endless blitzing, you are terrible.  If you can't cover Danny Amendola you are worse.  Apparently, I drank the koolaid.  New England is not good.  We are just worse.

   This game was so winnable.  To rally 21 straight and then surrender against the run, just nauseating. I don't know what to say- this is a very, very, disturbing "performance."
    The Patriots are on their third string quarterback and are without their best weapon receiving.  This is just rotten stuff.

Carpe Diem

For the Dolphins at Patriots today, it's all about defense. After one week, the Dolphins own the NFL's best "bend-but-don't-break defense. They get after the quarterback and they stuff the run game. No question that's the Dolphins' strength.

In the room for improvement category, offensive line play and quarterbacking are where the Dolphins need performance today. If the Dolphins are play-off bound, a win today is imperative! It starts by taking control of their division!