Friday, September 09, 2016

Yet Another Example Of Gase's No BS Approach

Even more proof that Gase will not tolerate bullshit:

Jay Ajayi is a HEALTHY scratch for The opener. Why? There have been reports that Ajayi has been "sulking" during the preseason ever since Foster's arrival. What an immature move. Again, just like Parker, you haven't proven anything yet! What makes you think you should be handed the starting job??!! Could this be why Ajayi refused to give up his #23 to Foster when he was asked by Foster himself?  Damn right it is. 

If Ajayi was smart, he would embrace having Foster around. Regardless of what Ajayi thinks of Foster, there is no denying that Foster is one of the most dynamic rushing and receiving backs in all of the NFL when healthy. Foster could have helped Ajayi become a much better back. 

Also, an unnamed Dolphins player had this to say of Ajayi, "if you let it get the best of you it shows. Now, let's see what you're made of".  

I for one am glad that Gase recognized this petty BS and left Ajayi in Miami. No sports team needs that from a player, especially my Dolphins. It shows extreme selfishness which is not what Miami needs at this point.

Phins Up!

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Why Dolphins will beat Seahawks in Seattle

     Depending on which sports book you look at, the Dolphins are 8.5 to 13.5 point underdogs.  This is the largest spread of any matchup this first week in the NFL.  It is obvious the NFL and Vegas are  all in on the Seahawks.

     Here is why Miami will win this matchup:

1.   The Seahawks will be coming into this game with a level of overconfidence that borders on disrespect.  The Miami players know this and can't wait to pop these guys in the mouth.

2.    Frankly, having watched every play the Seahawks played in preseason, I am certain that Miami's offensive and defensive lines are marginally better.  The only positions in general that are slightly better than Miami's is QB, RB, and the back 7 on Seattle's defense.  And, since I believe 90% of games are won on the line of scrimmage, I feel Miami has a very good chance to win this game based on this advantage.

3.   Offensive play calling will determine the outcome.  Seattle OC Darrell Wayne Bevel is no where near the play caller that Coach Adam Gase is.   The Seahawks will be lost trying to defend our multifaceted offensive attack.

4.    Ryan Tannehill will surprise everyone.  Finally, Ryan actually is in charge of the offense.  And, the new schemes and game plans are prepared with the help of Tannehill.  He finally knows this is his offense, and you can already see the difference.  Every game, Ryan will get better and better.

5.  And lastly,  Miami's front 7 on defense will keep Russell from exploiting Miami's only real weakness, their corners.  First they will stop the run, then, they will keep Wilson from escaping and turning broken plays into huge gains.  Wilson will move the ball some, but Miami will keep those plays to a minimum.

Miami 31, Seattle 20.

CJ Anderson: What Could Have Been

    Having just watched the NFL opener, I am pretty bummed.  I knew Miami had found their guy last year when the offer sheet was written for CJ Anderson.  I actually wanted it to have a higher number on it to make a matching offer less likely.
     Unfortunately for Miami, Denver was feeling stung by the Osweiler defection and they unexpectedly matched Anderson's sheet.  Watching the game tonight, I couldn't help but think of what might have been.  Anderson was averaging 6 yards a carry, 15 a catch, and dominating the Carolina defense.
     Good organizations make good choices.  Well done, Denver.  On Sunday we'll see if we have anyone who can run on an elite front seven.  With Anderson, we certainly would have.

Jay Lopez

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Ross Spending Some Bucks

Love him or hate him, Ross is spending money.

I am not talking about the stadium improvements, which he deserves some credit for.

I just found out the Dolphins traveled out to Seattle today.

Think about it.

Putting up 60 players, 20 odd coaches, equipment personnel, trainers, etc in hotel rooms for at least one extra day.

Most teams flying cross country would leave on Friday instead of Saturday for a division game.

Our Dolphins are already out there.

Plus you got to feed them all. I couldn't afford to feed Cam Wake let alone Suh and Phillips or Albert or Tunsil.

Try 80 to 90 people.

And you have to get a field somewhere for Friday practice with security.

Oh yeah, add in the Dolphins security that travels with the team too.

I gotta give Ross some props.

He is truly trying to give this organization every opportunity to succeed.

He is trying to give the fans, of which he is one, something special to cheer about.

Love him or hate him, you gotta admit he puts his money where his mouth is.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

We Are About To Learn A Whole Lot...

We are all about to find out a whole lot on Sunday.

Do I believe the Dolphins will beat the Seahawks? No. Sorry guys, that's my honest opinion, more on that in a minute.

Some observations I have seen during this offseason and throughout camp are promising, but again, we are looking at a rookie head coach and most of the staff are in new positions as well.

Some things that I love so far is that we finally SEEM to have figured out this offensive line. Whatever that line coach is doing is amazing. The transition from Pouncey to Steen at center has been really good so far which is a sign of a good, solid unit. Last year, we had a mess at center when Pouncey went down and it was widely reported so it is good news that we haven't heard anything on Steen dropping the ball in his new position. No news is good news.

Xavien Howard has some serious swag, it's borderline cocky. But I like it! He knows he will get picked on all year being a rookie. And he especially knows that Seattle will pick on him this weekend because he missed most of camp recovering. You know what his answer was when he was asked about all this?

"I know they are gonna pick on me and I just have to make them pay for that decision"


Do I expect Howard to come out and set the world on fire and dominate? No, he will have rookie mistakes. But I do expect him to be a very very solid corner in this league. Hopefully he settles in quickly and stays healthy. 

Speaking of Xavien Howard, I love how Gase handled that whole situation. Gase was asked what they plan to do with Howard now for the last preseason game since he was able to play. Gase's answer:

"We are gonna suit him up and send him out there to play press coverage on the guy in front of him. He has stayed up to speed with our scheme mentally during his recovery and covering receivers is something he has done his whole life, nothing new to him. What we do defensively is not complicated. He will be fine."

I applaud you Adam Gase. These higher draft picks should not be babied to death. We drafted him to start and that's exactly what they are gonna let him do. Let these rookies prove themselves and take off the floaties!

DeVante Parker. What else do we need to say? He is an athletic freak but needs help eating a good breakfast and drinking proper fluids. Adam Gase called him out and said he needs to be a pro and eventually he will get tired of being that guy on the sidelines. Again, good for you Adam Gase! Don't baby these players! Parker hasn't proven anything yet to get preferential treatment! Some vets deserve that but Parker? No, not yet. 

What does all this add up to? Gase will not deal with bullshit. He is sending a message that he is here to coach and they are here to play. Period. 

Tannehill actually has a say so in the playbook and game plan going into Sunday. Gase has confirmed this. He said that there have been times where he really likes a play but Tannehill doesn't so it gets scratched off the list for that week. Gase said, and I quote, "Ryan's comfort level will dictate my play calling, not my ego". That is huge in my opinion. I am not a professional athlete but I feel that in a lot of situations, if people in power would just allow the individuals to do their jobs, instead of dictating it for them, the results would be surprising. This is just my opinion.

All these things are great. Gase says AND does all the right things. Whether he can coach and make proper adjustments has yet to be seen. All signs point to yes but we are about to learn a whole lot on Sunday. All of Seattle's weaknesses play into our strengths. Our D-Line should dominate their O-Line. Our secondary has a lot of question marks but let's be honest, their receivers aren't exactly Julio Jones or Odell Beckham. I think they are pretty evenly matched there actually. Jimmy Graham is looking like he will play at least limited so our LBs shouldn't have to worry about covering him step for step on deep routes. Only thing that really worries me on defense is our ability to stop the run and that includes Russell Wilson and his ability to extend plays. 

On offense. No damn clue. Gase needs to be pretty creative in order to move the ball. I have pondered how this can be done and I honestly don't know how this can be efficiently accomplished against that Seattle defense. We will see.

All this being said, I still don't expect Miami to win. Seattle's defense is just too solid and Russell Wilson will find a way to exposeour defense. However, I expect them to compete. I expect them to give Seattle a run for their money at home in the opener and lose by only 1 possession. If that is accomplished, I would be ecstatic. If they win, my mind would be blown. I see Miami as a 2 year project at this point. 

Everyone enjoy the Panthers and Broncos tomorrow and welcome back football!

Phins Up!!!

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Defensive Line Play will Decide Game in Seattle.

     The Seattle Seahawks are a mess up front.  They start one of the worst offensive lines in football.  They should neither be able to establish the run nor provide Russell Wilson adequate protection to complete passes.  Period.
    Franchises decide where their strengths will be.  Let's make a spot comparison.  Seattle has invested 8,597,413 dollars in their offensive line.  Not in a player- in the line (spotrac.)   They are 32nd in the league in spending- the next lowest is Chicago at 13.5 mil.  Put another way, Seattle's Oline earns 5.85 % of its team's collective salary.
     Miami's Dline, on the other hand, makes 42.7 million dollars and occupies almost 30% of our cap space.  The team's philosophy is clear.  We will beat you on the line of scrimmage.  Ok- fine- now do it.
     put another way:  If you lose this battle, you discredit our whole operational philosophy.
    Our offense is going to have a hard time against Seattle's legion of probowl.  But our defense should have its best opportunity of the season.  A terrible Oline matched up against our organizational strength?  Wilson should be running for his life.  Their running backs should average fewer than 3.5 per carry.  They should be three and out and turnovers throughout the day.  They should be sub 17 points unless their defense and special teams score.

      If not, our Dline is essentially an overpaid retirement community.  Man up- win the trenches- and no excuses.  Your fans love you- earn it boys.  Phins UP!!

Jay Lopez

Monday, September 05, 2016

Miami Dolphins Blog: Mike's corner: Fins @ Seahawks

Miami Dolphins Blog: Mike's corner: Fins @ Seahawks

Mike's corner: Fins @ Seahawks

Ok, first of all, yes I do in my heart believe we could pull out an upset. I believe the Dolphins can match up well against Seattle. I also believe Seattle tends to start slow and gets better and better as the season goes on, it's probably better to play them week 1 than say week 10 or later. Although I think because of the new system and coaching staff Miami will also get stronger and more dangerous as the season goes, nobody specially an NFC team knows what we're going to do. What worries me is that if Seattle finds our weakness early and burns us it will leave a massive blueprint on what to do against us, I mean if they tear us up running the ball or the corners don't hold up( and remember that our off season acquisition Byron maxwell is their old corner and Pete Carroll knows his weakness and strength, on other side a rookie that missed most of training camp ) the problem will escalate because everyone will see the tape. We need good quarterback play and I mean not just throwing the ball but we need Tannehill to be able and willing to run and extend plays and make things hard on their defense. We also need a running game to show up weather it's Foster or Ajayi someone has to step up and make a difference. How about linebacker this is the first shot we get to see if Kiko Alonzo is the player that he was as a rookie when he was the rookie of the year and had I think over 160 tackles that year, we need that kind of production from him if we want to stop the run. Not worried about S, but  worried about O line. OMG, may it turn out well for our loved Dolphins! GO FINS!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Think Outside The Box...

DeVante Parker is injured, again. He is nursing yet ANOTHER hamstring injury.

Look I get it, the kid is talented but what good does it do if he never gets on the field? He hasn't impressed me so far in camp or preseason, mostly because he has not played. I applaud Adam Gase for calling him out too, no need to kiss his ass because he has proven nothing so far. 

Amari Cooper. According to him, battled nagging injuries all last season but he fought through them and played. Why is it different for DeVante? According to the Dolphins, he has to learn how to take care of his body. Eat a good breakfast and hydrate. WHAT??! Think about that for a second. You have to teach a professional athlete about good eating habits and how to drink the proper amount if water? LOL

This is the NFL. Miami is a professional organization, not a babysitting service. 

DeVante is shaping up to be another draft bust. Which is why I say we should trade him, like now!

Get another LB or CB. Maybe a high draft pick. Let someone else deal with this guy because I don't see him ever being worth his draft status and before people realize this, get what you can for him. He is just handicapping our team at this point in my opinion. 

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