Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cornerbacks will be fine Omar.

     Most every analyst and fan alike has had semi-legitimate concern over the status of the corner position.  Omar Kelly has been the most vocal with his constant harping on the number of signings, "four in twelve practices."  Let it go, that is the team's job - make every position as deep as possible.

     However, when the lights were on and the game was live, most of the corners looked pretty good.  Actually, they looked really good, given that they didn't nave the best pass rushers on the field.  Great lines makes the DBs look better than they might otherwise be.  Could it be that we may have some depth at that position.  They may not be household names, but they seemed to press well, and coverage was relatively tight.  Having said that, there is much room for improvement.  Many of the balls were underthrown.  Better passing may have shown what many of us fear - that we lack experience and depth at corner.  On this night though, we looked pretty good.  The corners covered and pressed well.  They had good make-up spead.  THEY TACKLED WELL.  Frankly, they tackled better than the DL and LBs  combined.

     While this article is about the corners, the fact that we gave up over 150 yards rushing to the Giants is something to write about in the next article.  Maybe I will wait for after the Dallas game.  And, Omar, I do agree with one point you keep making.  We don't work on the running game and tackling enough in practice.  Kim Bokamper is found of saying 10 straight days of two-a-days is what got him prepared for the season.   I couldn't agree more.    We do have work to do on both sides of the ball, rushing and tackling.

     One last thought,  there was an analysis done in 2014.  I can't remember who did it, but the gist of it was that if Tannehill had just .43 seconds more time to pass, which was still under the league average mind you, he was over a 75% completion passer.   Let's hope Coach Gase finds a way to get consistent play out of the O-Line.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Get Ready For A Laugh....

So I was looking at the Dolphins news and I saw something that struck me as very odd. I saw a tweet from Omar Kelly that read like this, "I'm not a fan. I'm an analyst. And you are blocked".

As you All know, we always state how Omar gets mad when you call him out and then instantly blocks you from social media when he gets challenged. The tweet that spawned this person to get blocked was something to the effect of "with all the crap you talk about the Dolphins, I wouldn't even think you were a fan". Obviously that person had it all wrong, Omar Kelly is not a Dolphins fan, but apparently Omar himself doesn't even know what he is because the picture below has his job title right under it and it sure don't say "analyst"...

With that being said, I read something in today's news that was AWESOME coming from coach Gase's post practice press conference. There was a lot of Dolphins beat writers that were questioning the fact that there has not been a lot of deep passes in camp so far. One of the questions in particular asked if Gase was OK with the "Dink & Dunk" plays they have been running so far in camp.

Gase's Response: "I'm fine with it. I'm the one scripting the plays & calling the plays so i'm obviously fine with it. There is a time & place for it [the deep ball]. But there is also a time and place to not get sacked 60 times a year"


Case Continued: "The whole league is 10 yards and under. There is one team, maybe two that does it [throws deep constantly] Pittsburgh & Arizona. They hold the ball for a downfield play instead of check it under but more teams than not have a 10 & under pass offense. But if you wanna stand back there and have your quarterback's brains beat out, then have at it"

AMAZING response from Coach Gase. I don't know how he will be as a coach but I damn sure like him at the podium! After reading that I started to think about a few things.

1-Omar Kelly is constantly pointing out that our O-Line is not good enough and he has been quoted as saying "every team has weaknesses but a good coach can mask them with scheme and play calling". What in god's green earth do you think Gase is doing Omar? What will make you a happy reporter/analyst or whatever you are? Gase knows our O-Line is a work in progress so he is getting the ball out of the QB's hands quickly to prevent the line from being exposed. Isn't that what you have been waiting for? Again, if social media didn't exist to allow you to cause drama & increase your beloved "followers" and you actually had to write an article that was worth reading and was spelled correctly, you would probably be fired because you contradict yourself almost daily.

2-It just dawned on me that Miami dominated the Panthers last year in a combined practice. As you know, Carolina went on a tear and made it to the super bowl WITHOUT their # 1 receiver AND with their HC on the verge of getting fired!!!. They were "doomed" as well last year and look how that turned out!! Why is everyone freaking the hell out already about the Dolphins? 2 weeks of camp and they are already doomed according to everyone! I stated what I expect and what I hope to see out of the Dolphins this year but let's all be fair and give this coach a chance, you know, to coach his first game as HC as well as Vance Joseph to coach his first as DC. To judge them after like 14 practices is asinine. Let's hold our judgement until we know what we are getting. And no, that does not mean after the first game of the season! Let things play out for half the season or so and we should all have a good idea of whether or not this team is headed in the right direction. This constant rhetoric is ridiculous already. Omar said that if Byron Maxwell goes down this year, Miami is a 2 win team. Really?! Again, that probably stirred up some drama for him and gained him some social media attention that he craves so much.

Phins Up!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

To Listen to S. Fla. Media (print, tv, & radio, plus fans), the Dolphins are Doomed

    So, less than 2 weeks into training camp and before the first pre-season game, the Dolphins are destined to have a losing record, Tannehill will be horrific,  and the O-Line is worse than last year; oh, and there is zero running game.

   It has gotten bad in Dolphins land, so bad that we now start each season with dread and dismay, instead of hope and excited anticipation.  And Frankly, it is the media's
fault wth a strong showing by the defeatist fan base.

The negativity becomes self perpetuating.  Why can't we start the season with hope and wonder?   I'll go first.  We have  more depth than last year, better talent, and better health.  I see double digit wins on the horizon.   Now you!