Monday, May 02, 2016

So in touch. Or not

A few weeks ago I heard a snippet about Steven Ross bringing on a partner. I was intrigued. Could this owner be on his way out? Turned out that he was merely doing some planning and got approval to head in a direction...eventually.

Last week I heard that one thing Tannenbaum likes to do is make a splash in the draft. And he drafted a guy who generated more media attention for 3 days than anyone else or really the draft itself. Wow. Under the category of there's no such thing as bad publicity, he made that splash.

Will the guy be any good? Who knows? But the hype machine was in full effect.

The second day I was talking with a friend who said the Dolphins drafted a quarterback in the second round. And I said "excellent competition for Tannehill!" and he stopped and said "no CORNERback"

For a few moments both Saturday and when I heard about Ross I had thought maybe I might be interested in this team a little. But they still have the owner and the QB.

So carry on.

The Ricky Williams wannabe was just a fun diversion for a moment.