Sunday, April 10, 2016

Should Miami Trade Up In The First Round?

Just how bad does Miami want Ezekial Elliot?

There have been reports that Miami will have to trade up in order to land him. I would be ecstatic if he is a Miami Dolphin in the first round of this years draft BUT not at the expense of giving up a future pick to move up. 

Here is my case for staying put at # 13. 

Look, Miami has a plan this offseason, that much is obvious. Grier, Gase and Tannebaum have put values on players and stuck with them throughout this offseason. Look at Vernon and Miller, hell, even look at CJ Anderson, they could have offered him more making it near impossible for Denver to match but they didn't. Why? Because they placed a value on him as a player and stuck with it. I personally like that approach.  

They are all in that Gase is going to be the next Bill Belichick and he is going to extract every ounce of talent out of the Roster we already have. Why would they change their mind now? Tannehill is going to be fixed as well as Suh, Mario Williams, Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso. According to the brass of the Phins, those players were simply victims of being in the wrong scheme. That has yet to be seen, we shall see...

RB is extremely deep in this draft. Again, would I like Elliot? ABSOLUTLEY! But would I Be happy with Derrick Henry? Heck yeah! It is being projected that a good RB can even be drafted in day 3. So there is that.

Have we forgotten about Damien Williams? He has decent hands and can pass block, hence the label "3rd down specialist" that he has had for a few years now. If Gase is that good, why can't he coach him up on a few things and have our backfield look like this:

Ajayi, Williams, and Unknown RB drafted in the 2nd or 3rd day of the draft? 

AAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD, let us all not forget that there will be a ton of talented players cut from around the NFL as teams trim their rosters for the season. Another RB can come from that as well, fairly cheap.

What does this all mean? It means they most likely won't trade up for him. Especially with a chance he may be there at 13 anyways. After they lost out on CJ Anderson, there was a feeling around Miami of "eh, we tried, no harm no foul" so they are obviously not in panic mode about a RB. 

What do you think? Stay out at 13? Or trade up? Why?

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