Friday, March 11, 2016

Really Miko? WOW...

So here we are watching Omar Kelly feed into drama AND publish untrue statements.

I am completely convinced that the ONLY REASON he is so popular among the Dolphins fan base is because he feeds drama and people LOVE drama. 

Take a look at this:

Miko Grimes is also on record for saying this :

"It's like Tannehill ejaculates and drops a drop of jizz in y'all mouth like a mother feeding her baby birds in her nest :-) :-) :-) :-)"

And this:

"...fuck all three of y'all with Magic Johnson's dick!"

Omar Kelly loves feeding drama. It's hilarious the infatuation he has with Miko Grimes, it's borderline disturbing. Who even knows what exactly is going on there, very strange. What is puzzling is why big bad Omar, who supposedly don't care what people think, deleted the post that Miko obviously told him to share with the world via Twitter. Maybe, just maybe Omar does care a little bit...

I have a few things to say about Miko:

1) Birds don't "jizz" in their baby birds mouths, that's not how it works at all but for some astronomical reason, I am not surprised at her inaccuracy.

2) To wish someone contract the HIV Virus, which Magic Johnson has, whether you like them or not is not only CLASSLESS, but it's down right disturbing. You need mental help, I hope you get it.

3) And as for the Bucs being "REAL" organization that is ran "PROPERLY", how did you gain all that insight on them in a few hours time? Just curious. And since they are a "real" organization, was all $16 million dollars Brent earned the last 2 years fake also? Again, just curious because the last time I checked, they have a rookie head coach just like Miami and they were 6-10 last year, again, just like Miami. Seems to me that you think they are the next best thing since sliced bread simply because they gave Brent a contract. 

Don't worry Tampa, wait until the waters get rough, she will attempt to divide your locker room also. 

As for the reporting by Omar, he wrote a column that Kiko Alonso's contract was extended for 2 years and $2.8 million dollars. About 10 hours after that was written, Alonso's agent denied that report and said no new deal has been talked about with Miami. If that is indeed true, Omar was dead wrong. What I don't understand is why he "prides himself on being accurate" because he is wrong more often than not. 


Wednesday, March 09, 2016

One Less Win Brings Two Vets

If reports are true, that the Dolphins would be getting LB Kiko Alonso and CB Byron Maxwell from the Eagles for simply swapping first round pics, I am ecstatic.

We would be moving down 5 pics from 8 to 13 and that is where we could have picked anyway had we won only 1 more game to finish 7-9.

Granted we are losing some value and maybe the ability to draft Florida CB Vernon Hargreaves or UCLA LB Myles Jack but they could fall.

There are plenty of surprises come draft day.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Monday, March 07, 2016

Let's All Take A Breath Shall We?...

Let's all examine what has transpired today in Dolphin land shall we. 

Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell to Miami pending a passed physical for undisclosed draft pick/s.

It is unknown at this time what those picks are but my guess would be a sixth and seventh rounder OR only 1 fifth round pick. That's what I hope for anyways.

The word is that Philly wants to cut ties with all the messes that Chip Kelly made before he got fired and that became more evident when a trade was announced for DeMarco Murray by the Titans. 

So does all this mean that Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell suck because Philly didn't want them? Absolutely not in my opinion.

I LOVED Kiko Alonso in Buffalo as a rookie. Dude was amazing. I honestly feel he will get back to that if put in the right scheme, but nobody knows how that will play out quite yet. 

I still don't know how I feel about Byron Maxwell the player, but I do have a few feelings about the money aspect of it. I don't know the exact figures but I know Alonso is in the final year of his rookie contract, he will be paid roughly $940,000 this year. Maxwell is in the $8.5 million dollar range. Wanna know how much Brent Grimes was due? $8 million. After his guaranteed money is taken away the final verdict is as follows:

Miami used $3 million in cap space to acquire TWO starting caliber players in Alonzo and Maxwell after being forced to cut Grimes after he refused a pay cut. I honestly think it's a good move being that we desperately need a MLB, if Alonso can stay healthy and get back to how he was his rookie season it would be an amazing trade. Maxwell is younger and bigger which suits the division better. Brandon Marshall and Gronk should have a harder time with a bigger bodied CB. If Alonzo comes to camp tearing it up, I sign him to an extension right away to lock him up for a team friendly price. But again, this is all what if scenarios. 

Let me first start out by saying this, I liked Brent Grimes as a player. I thought he was great. Bottom line is that his wife cost him. I remember a few months ago, we were all joking about in Brent's next contract, there should be a clause in there about his loud mouth wife, well, we are here folks. She took to social media today and ranted and raved about him being released. I don't remember the whole thing exactly but she was crying about the guaranteed money aspect of it. That all the contracts are worthless outside of the guaranteed money and that she knew Brent would be cut in year three. Hold on Miko, let me shed a tear for you after your husband earned $16 million dollars in 2 years, wait, almost, wait....NOPE! SORRY! I couldn't squeeze a tear out for you! I tried! Let's see if Brent signs anything close to an $8 million per year multi year deal that Miko wants after having his loud mouth wife get arrested during a game, get fired from her "journalism" job, talk crap about the team QB and coach on social media constantly and on top of all that Brent is 32 years old and had a down year. Let's all clap for Miko! I really feel sorry for Brent in all this mess, I really enjoyed him being a Dolphin but I can't say I'm sad to see Miko go! I'm sure Omar Kelly is shedding enough tears for us all...LOL

Anyways, thoughts on Alonso or Maxwell?

I just.....I.....WHAT????!!!

So Miami has traded something for Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell. The rumor I'm hearing is they have traded their No. 8 overall pick as well as a mid-round pick. That's just a rumor, but would not surprise me in the least. So...yeah...that happened.

WTF are they doing?!