Saturday, March 05, 2016

Sad, but true

Dave Wannstedt left the Dolphins during the 2004 season. In the 12 year span since (including that season), the fins have averaged 6.6 wins per season. And considering they had 11 wins one year, it's actually much worse than it sounds.

And even that 11 win season is coming around to its 10th anniversary.

And a new coach and lots of new players (and of course tannehill!) doesn't make me optimistic that it's going to get better anytime soon.

The playoffs seem elusive, made more so by the current state of the NFL. Of course, only 6 of 16 teams make it in the AFC.

Year over year, 3 teams (Patriots, Broncos, and Steelers) are virtual locks and another 5 (Colts, Bengals, Chargers, Chiefs, and Ravens) are vying to unseat them and/or be one of the other 3.

And then there's everyone else trying to break in to the group. Sure in any given year, any team at the top could falter. And any of the rest might have a breakout season.

But it's rare. And going past the first game is rough going for any of them - because the teams at the top have the (elusive to everyone else) experience of winning those games.

So the reality is that Miami is stuck in neutral and has limited prospects to win more than 8 games with a new coach and a new roster.

And the playoffs remain but a dream...

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

My Mock Roster Changes

It sure would be nice if our team were in the same situation as the Jaguars, wouldn't it?
Tons of young talent and a "projected" $90 million in cap space after contract restructures and releases. Must be nice.

Unfortunately, Miami is pretty much the opposite. A lot of overpaid players and not much cap space. So here's what I think they're going to have to do:

1. Restructure, restructure, RESTRUCTURE.
If you're a Dolphins player NOT named Landry or Jones, you are probably not earning your pay, and therefore, your contract should be restructured. I understand that not every player is going to accept that, but I think there is enough potential restructuring there to free up some decent space. Some players may have to be released as well. It doesn't hurt that the cap limit just increased by around $12 million.

2. Free Agency.
Miami can't do what they've been doing. They can't spend in the FA like the monopoly guy. But they can't really be like the Packers either and ignore the FA because they don't just need to fill holes on the team; they also have to build some depth with the O-line, LBs, and DBs. There's no way they are going to do it all in the draft.

In my opinion, we need a veteran signed at the G position. Kelechi Osemele would be ideal if we can swing it, but if not, Alex Boone would be a decent pickup.

Get one of Cinci's safeties. Either Reggie Nelson or George Iloka, whoever will take the cheaper contract.

Bring Sean Smith back. Sign him to a team-friendly contract, if possible.

Finally, if at all possible, try to sign either Bruce Irvin or Danny Trevathan at LB. Probably impossible with our tight salary cap. However, Mario Williams might not be a bad signing either if we could get him cheap (relatively speaking).

Obviously, not all of the above moves can happen most likely. But if even a couple of them could be accomplished, it would be a huge help. All of those players are still relatively young, have veteran experience, are proven, and are POTENTIALLY affordable. They would all be immediate starters or at least add needed depth to their position.

3. The Draft.Evaluate the talent at LB and CB in the draft and determine which position has more depth in the 2nd round. Choose the position with less second-round depth in round one, that way you have a good chance of getting a quality player at the other position in round two. We can't afford to misfire in rounds 1 and 2. They have to be quality picks.

Draft a G in round 3. This, along with the FA listed above, SHOULD finally fix the o-line.

Draft another LB in round 4.

Draft a QB in round 5. Give Tannehill incentive to get better. If he doesn't get better under Gase, it's time to move on.

Draft the best players available for the rest of the draft, even if they don't fill a need. If you hit a homerun, trade them later for a position of need.

That's what I have for now. Discuss.