Sunday, December 11, 2016

What Is With The Officiating In The NFL?

This was truly another crazy Dolphins game.

Two teams combining for 5 turnovers and that was only in the first quarter.

Rain and rain and rain didn't help.

Field goal hits the upright and bounces out.

Another hits the crossbar and bounces in.

A blocked extra point turns into 2 crucial points going in the other direction.

Ryan Tannehill, who played well again, may be lost for not only the rest of this season but well into 2017.

Matt Moore steps in and after handing off for 2 series, hits a big pass to set up the win in the closing seconds.

What was Gase thinking by trying to squeeze in an extra play before kicking the game winning FG? That was about as stupid a move as I have ever seen.

It almost back fired, except for one glorious second left on the clock.

Despite all that excitement and the roller coaster of emotions, I am left wondering if the league actually influences their officials to do whatever they can to keep as many teams alive for the playoffs even if they screw one team out of a win and their rightful place in the playoffs.

We had 14 penalties called against us vs. only 7 against the Cardinals. 

Now I know the refs aren't concerned about evening the penalties out but how many ticky tack calls will you call against one team that bails out the losing team and extends their drives vs. ignoring a direct hit below the knee that ends a QB's season.

The Cardinals are in deep shit right now. A win would've kept their playoff hopes very much alive.

This loss turns a lot of next week's Arizona TV channels from Cardinal football to something more interesting to the Arizona TV market.

Golf, basketball, horse racing, bowling, hockey, figure skating, basket weaving, you name it.

With ratings down, the NFL needs as many TV markets in the playoff hunt as possible.

With a loss, Miami would still be in the hunt.

I just gotta wonder. There were way too many calls going against us including James getting called for holding when he pancaked a LB early in the game.

It seemed so glaring, so obvious, that something is up.

It's now officially Jets Week II and we got Matt Moore under center. 

I can only imagine how screwed we will be without even our "star" QB in the playoff hunt.

Would the NFL rather have Matt Moore or Joe Flacco or Ben Roethlisberger or Denver's Trevor Siemian or Titan's Marcus Mariota leading their teams into the playoffs.

Granted, one Cinderella is good for ratings but Matt Moore's foot won't fit that slipper.

Gonna be interesting.

Phins Up!!

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I had to race for my radio with a little over a minute left cause fox Orlando TV did a HEIDI and pulled our game for the start of the bucs game. When the rusty Moore entered the game in the rain it was like the time Dorothy met the tin man. I'm glad someone found the oil can before that last drive. The ref crew stunk outloud. Roughing the passer on the injury and another earlier not called. A phantom holding call.the ajaji fumble recovery should have been changed and it took those idiots 5 minutes to figure out encroachment on a play. After all the hits Tanny has taken only a cheap shot ends his season.


The Tom Brady rule doesnt apply to Tanny. SMH! I cant believe that was a no call..the officials have been screwing us most games.its a testament to Gase & players to play througg the bs calls & keep winning..imagine when we become a perennial playoff team & get calls our way..Defense & run game is going to have to step up big in Tannys absence


Yes I forgot about the Ajayi recovery. He clearly fell on the ball and was contacted as soon as a Cardinal landed on him which would have killed the play.

Such bullshit.


Yes, we will need Ajayi and our OL at its best.

Tannehill looked real good too. Especially on the first TD to Stills. He sprinted back and fired a perfect pass. He just missed Ajayi for another score.

I kept thinking we will blow them out but the refs kept screwing us.


For the record I am not one who normally complains about ref for a few bad calls as that's part of the game. However, this games was just ridiculous in the shear number bad calls by the refs.

Okay let's see how many bad calls I can remember.

1. Dual possession on reception is supposed to go to the offense.
2. Ajayi goal line fumble that wasn't.
3. Tunsil hold that wasn't.
4. Ajayi getting head nearly ripped off from face masking that wasn't called when it was right in front of the ref.
5. High hit on Tannehill that wasn't called for roughing the passer.
6. Multiple Holds by Cardinals that were far worse than Tunsil non-hold yet were never called.

Fact is the refs blew this game big time. It's a miracle that we managed to win in spite of the poor job of the refs who should be suspended the rest of the season. It's a testament that the Dolphins were good enough to overcone the poor officiating.

And Goodell wonders why ratings are down. Lower you salary and pay the refs fulltime you idiot!


The list is long and accurate.

They are hiring 17 fulltime officials starting next year.

The problem with full time officials is the logistics of getting them all to move to a central location. You would have to get 150 guys to up root their families and quit their jobs.

I could see them starting any new hires as full time until you eventually get them all. But even under those conditions a lot of guys aren't going to quit their careers for a short term job in the NFL.


Garbage. Garbage. The ref is an illiterate moron, took him 5 min to figure out an obvious encroachment penalty. Blew the ajayi recovery, and tannehill int, this whole crew is horrendous. Wake was tackled multiple times and no call, when hey did call holding, it wasn't there. No call on tannehill cheap shot at knees. The freaking guy can't even speak proper English. No wonder the NFL is circling the drain.


At least David Apollos isn't talking any shit about tannehill, now. He knows he is probably going to look stupid when Moore doesn't perform as well. Silly bastard!


lmao why i have been thinking the same thing smh


LOL. Love the circling the drain


He may be gathering his thoughts.

Now what would you rather have happen?
Moore plays well, we win, Apollos won't shut up
Moore shits his pants, we lose out but Apollos goes into witness protection


Me too I was calling WOFL to bitch about them going to commercial break early when I saw the pregame nonsense start in Tampa. Who holds them responsible for going away from a tied game with less than 2 minutes left?


Witless protection.


Don't forget about the Landry taunting penalty.


He would still find a way to comment from his, much needed, witless protection. And we would know it was him. His alias would be, Dave Apollo.


The local team's TV market has precedence over another game from outside of the local TV market.


As much as I would love to see Apollos finally STFU, he won't. Even if Matt Moore is terrible, it'll be because "Tannehill poisoned his water" or something.

So, IN MOORE WE TRUST. We should all just get behind him and hope for the best. I would much rather Matt Moore prove to be adequate than see us pursue someone like Jay Cutler if RT ends up down for part of next season. Here's to hoping our running game and defense can really step it up the next 3 weeks.


Agree completely.

Matt is The Man


It's just a sprained ACL! Not a tear! He may still be done for the year but he won't miss anything come next season. So this is good news indeed. He is one tough SOB.


Great news!

Tannehill is tough as nails.