Monday, December 19, 2016

Watch What You Wish For....

It just may come true.

With only two weeks left we control our own destiny.

The good thing is its very exciting to be in this position. Especially after starting the season 1-4.

The bad thing is we are in this position and now I am nervous as all hell about having to go into Buffalo to pull out a win.

This is not going to be easy at all.

It's going to be cold.

40° worth.

Can we tackle any better in the cold? I doubt it very much.

We are going to get a heavy dose of LeSean McCoy.

McCoy right, McCoy left, McCoy, McCoy McCoy.

This game has all the makings of one of those slow deaths were our defense is teased with plenty of 3rd and 2s but cannot get off the field.

The Bills can get 5-8 yards on first down. Throw some incompletions and still ram it down our throats to move the chains.

To win we are going to need the same effort we got against the Jets on Saturday.

Just enough yards rushing to keep the Bills defense honest.

Just enough to allow our play action passing to be effective.

The wind in Orchard Park could be an issue. Forecasts are for 14 MPH with gusts of 18-20 MPH.

Not too friendly confines for Matt Moore.

A few turnovers and a big special teams play may be necessary as well.

It is wonderful to be in control of our playoff chances.

It's also nerve racking having this opportunity.

Lets face it. Been there, failed at that.

But this is a different team traveling into blustery Buffalo.

I feel pretty good about our coaches coming in with a good game plan.

I feel even better about them scraping it and adjusting to whatever would work better.

That's been the strength of this team.

Adjusting to whatever adversity confronts us has been our mantra.

If we can pull out this win, then Sunday night's game between the  Broncos at the Chiefs will be must watch TV.

The Chiefs  could put a big ole bow on a big ole Christmas gift for Dolfans across the globe and send us into the playoffs.

Currently, no one expects us to beat the Bills.

Vegas says no putting us at a 3 point underdog.

The talking heads say no figuring history repeats itself.

I hope and pray this group of resilient Dolphins can prove them wrong.

That this group can some how, some way, pardon the expression but, circle the wagons and find a way to keep this magical season alive.

After all, isn't that what we all wished for all along?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Profoundly stated Gary.


I think all of us Dolphans feel the same. We've just been let down so much over the years. The way I look at it is, we have a winning season and are pointed in the right direction. We should be making noise in about three years with a few more pieces added. I hope we win, but if we don't, it wont be because they didn't fight their butts off! They lost so much and didn't give up. I'm proud to be a Phins fan. Phins up!!!


ironically the last win in buffalo in 2011 Moore was the QB. RT and the o-line has been awful up there the last 4 games. I hate when they face a QB that can run for a first down after avoiding pressure. Best game plan... Play with the house money .Take chances!


Miami Dolphins, te amo con mi vida!!!


Great idea Phil.

Bet it all on 8 White


I think the best way to stop McCoy is to keep him off the field with long, successful (i.e. scoring) drives on offense. I know that statement comes from the "Duh" department, but I had to say it. Turnovers by our D would also help accomplish the goal of keeping their RB and their running QB on the bench.


Our coaches have done well at adjusting during the game. they have started most games with the wrong game plan. Last time Rex was being fired from the Jets they beat the snot out of us and ruined our playoffs.

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Defense is fast. Moore is savvy. Landry is a legend. Sims. Parker. Stills. Gase. Joseph. Wake. Suh. Alonso. Ajayi. Hull. Aikens. Maxwell. Howard. Tannehill. Thank you for a great season.


Landry is legendary. It's all about the will. This entire team is beginning to impose it's will.


No "Duh" intended. It had to be said.


Rex is a "players coach" so they do get fired up so he doesn't get fired.

I think a big part of the motivation comes from self preservation. If a new coach comes in, they could get cut loose as well.

Lots of players around the league are fighting for their lives this time of year.


Thank you very much.


God Willing.