Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Dolphins Magic Continues!!

I am still buzzing. And not from drinking.

Although, Saturday's game against the Bills could very easily cause me to drink. And heavily.

There were way too many turn of events and emotions for me to enjoy that game.

From blowing a 14 point lead late in the third period and falling behind with a buck and a half left in regulation.

With Bills kicker Carpenter missing two FGs to us hitting the upright trying to get a 10 point lead.

And then, with the game on the line, drilling a 55 yarder to send the game into OT.

So many big plays from both teams. If I was a neutral fan, I would've absolutely loved watching this game.

It was football paradise. Probably the most exciting game I have seen all year.

Luckily for us, we have been in quite a few of these nail biter games.

I truly believe that we are battle tested and ready for the playoffs, if we get in.

Are we dominant? Not at all.

Are we a tough out? I wouldn't want to play us.

As banged up as we are on defense. As leaky as our run defense seems to be. As anemic as our pass defense was today. I still would not want to play us.

We have some very scary players with very scary speed on offense. We have quite a few guys who can go the distance on any given play.

That's dangerous!

And we are young! Too young to know how good we can be yet old enough to get it done.

We still make some growing pains mistakes but we still find a way to win.

Magically turning around a season that seemed so hopeless at 1-4 and now, after winnning 9 of 10, we stand on the doorstep of the playoffs.

If the Chiefs beat the Broncos Sunday night that door swings wide open.

I didn't want to mention any players or coaches in this post.  It wouldn't be fair to any player or coach to say he did more than another in this run.

This has been, as it should hopefully continue to be, a true team effort. Somebody always seems to step up big at the right moment and make a big play to win the game.

For so many of us Dolfans, thinking we could win 10 games after a 1-4 start, that was completely out of the question. No possible way!

Yet here we are.

I don't need the nerve wracking, hair pulling, screaming at the TV lifestyle.

But I am so proud of this team right now. So proud.

Hopefully we keep it going.

Phins Completely Up, Up, and Away!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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That was a very nice article for Christmas, Carl.


Thanks Mike.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


Amen...I actually had the best christmas eve tonight in a while...not just because of the win...but because of the time with my family who are all dolphins fans could really enjoy something special...not just our normal gathering which is always great, but that extra something in the air that comes from this win...go dolphins!


Thanks Carl; I couldn't have said it better. I was pacing my LR like a lunatic but when a friend suggested the Fins blew it, I said "you watch; these guys always seem to pull it out. They don't quit and they believe" No matter what happens after this game, I'm so happy to say that I'm proud of my team. A team I started rooting for in 1970. After Shula and Marino left I felt like we were destined for embarassment & mediocrity, but Gase & crew actually have turned these guys into a team. What a great Xmas present to the REAL Dolphin fans everywhere. Merry Xmas everyone


Very happy for you Jason.
Living in NJ, I spent the time with 7 Giants fans stressing over whether the Bucs would lose to the Saints to punch a playoff ticket AND a Raider fan flipping over losing his QB for the season.
Too bad I didn't have your address.


I didn't feel comfortable until the Bills took the lead with less than two minutes left and we had no time outside. I truly felt we would still win the game. Somebody would pull it out.

My carpet is shot too. But how high did you jump during that final drive?

Merry Christmas FinsFanNJ!

Merry Christmas to all the Dolfans across the globe!


After the game I spent 3 hours in the recovery room. MERRY XMAS


The Dolphins D had a rough outing


the O line is suddenly solid again! No sacks allowed!



Merry Christmas!


And only one hold with no false starts.

They played very, very well.

Merry Christmas canamdolphin!


What a game that was?!? Geez! Win or lose, this team has given us hope for the future. I marvel at Vance Joseph's work. I love all of our coaches! Most importantly, we are playing as a team!


Our future looks bright so we gotta wear shades!

Merry Christmas Dan!


I'm happy no matter what at this point. Anymore wins from here on out are just a bonus.

The Dolphins and Patriots still have something to play for this week, so I hope that the Pats bring us their "A" game. It will be a good test to see if Miami is truly ready to be a playoff team.

The Phins should still play pretty hard because a win and a Chiefs loss would have us playing the Texans and not the Steelers. Plus how much momentum would it build if we went into the playoffs fresh off of a home win vs. the Patriots?


Pats are 6-7 their last 13 trips to Miami.

I could see us winning and SD pulling the upset.
We beat Houston and Chiefs beat Pitt.
We win in Oakland and KC upsets Pats.
We host Chiefs with a victory and go to Super Bowl.
We beat the New York Football Giants and the Miracle in Miami is born!


Gonna be bright bright bright sun shine day