Friday, December 02, 2016

Tannehill must proof he can get the Dolphins to the play-offs.

    Tannehill is maturing and showing development in his fifth year as the Miami Dolphins QB. It is clear he's playing the best football of his career under rookie head coach Adam Gase, who apparently really is the QB whisperer.

It isn't just that he's playing better he is a better leader and teammate, he's earning the respect and praise from his teammates as well as the media and the fans who a couple of months ago were pretty much asking for his head booing and asking for Matt Moore at our own home stadium.

Now the doubters are being silenced by his play and the way this offense seems to act like an extension of him, what I mean is he he really does have control and command of the offense, the scheme and the playbook along with the power to change the play and adjust protections before the snap of the ball.

So there is just one more hurdle to overcome, and that is to get us to the play-offs. We've been in position to do this before and he could not, but with the changes he has made and the growth he is showing now is the time to make the final jump and become a real franchise QB and finish the season with a play-off birth and quite the mouth of those who would otherwise bad mouth him.

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So we are on the road against a division leader and without Pouncey and Reshad Jones or any outside linebackers and it's all on Tanny ? This is a team game and coaching does seem to matter so lets say this goes to the O, D, ST and coaches and see what comes of it. Seems we are in uncharted waters.


Very unchartered