Sunday, December 04, 2016


Can't finish drives. Miss a FG. 2 INTs in Red Zone.

And that was early in the game.

More to follow.

Too many offensive penalties, Too many missed coverages and tackles.

The true insult to injury is their back up QB comes in with over 9 minutes left.

That's how bad we got beat.

Fortunately, we keep our feathers numbered for just such an emergency.

It is only one loss. If the Ravens win their division, the loss won't hurt us directly against them for a wild card.

We have to win out now to have a prayer at 11-5.

And then get some help with Denver losing a couple games.

I know we all would accept losing on a last play FG by Ravens' kicker Justin Tucker a hell of a lot better than this shalacking.

It is what it is. One bad ass loss.

Keep the faith.

Phins Up!!!

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This better just be a "bad week" for Miami, because if this is the way they're going to play, forget playoffs. We won't win another game.

The really bad news is that, even if we make the playoffs, guess who we'll probably play first... The Ravens. And apparently, we can't lay one little pathetic finger on them on the road. This is the most disgusted I've been with the Dolphins all year. I wasn't this mad over the Cinci or Cleveland game. They literally did not do one solitary thing well in this game.


I still say 9-7 would be a good year for a rookie HC though. I'd love to see Miami in the playoffs, but coming into this season, we all knew it was an unrealistic expectation.

I won't be mad if they don't make the playoffs, but I will be mad if they don't at least go 8-8, or preferably 9-7. Lets see how Gase bounces back after this before we start the "all is lost" campaign.

I'll say it again, if they finish above .500 but don't make playoffs, anyone who gets angry about it has very unrealistic expectations of a team who was terrible for years and just hired the youngest rookie HC in the league.


9-7 looks like a pipe dream at this point. The way they played today, i see four straight ass kickings and ANOTHER 7-9 season.


Tannehype! Bad throws, missing open receivers, throwing ints.
Yes, it was sickening to watch right from the start.

Defense, 64 tackles, 7 by the defensive line, no sacks.
Wake tied for team lead in passes defensed - ONE!


They caught all the punts.


I think it was a bad week.

Otherwise, you are correct, we won't win another game.

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I don't think we will get spanked 4 more times


You forgot the hyphen and capital H.

He actually played well enough to drive us down the field for 3 scoring opportunities on our first 3 drives.

Missed FG. The first INT was a great pass that Parker tried to soft hand the catch and the DB took the ball away.


Don't blame the QB for this one. The defense let the Ravens march right down the field from the first possession of the game. You can't blame the offense for keeping the defense on the field when the defense got owned from kickoff to the final whistle. Maybe it's the DEFENSES fault for putting the offense in a position of desperation before the first quarter was over...


So true. Good point and analysis.


I blame the defence 100% for this loss. The o-fence had to play catch up the whole game.maybe the score could have been like 38-21 which still would look bad. When I relieve myself later of the beer and wings I'll give the toilet a second flush so I don't see the last remains of this game. On to next week.


It's all about learning from this game and winning against the Jets and Bills. In the words of Aaron Rodgers...."R.E.L.A.X." In the words our QB who, immediately after saying this, scored 2 TDs in 6 minutes..."Take a deep breath."


Yep. Back to work.