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Some Dolphins Thoughts...

The first thing I wanna say is it is a fantastic feeling to sweep the Jets. They truly got their asses handed to them. I have said it once and I'll say it again, With all the injuries at key positions this season, it is truly amazing what this coaching staff is doing with the so called "back ups".

This is a fore gone conclusion: Xavien Howard is a beast. He was stride for stride with anyone who was put in front of him yesterday. Hopefully Maxwell gets back ASAP and we should be pretty set at cornerback. Not to mention that Tony Lippett has really came on as a playmaker. One of the glaring holes in this defense at the beginning of the season seems to have turned into a strength. 

Our defensive line is ridiculously good. Suh has been wreaking havoc all year. Cam Wake is the best defensive end in football and we need do resign Andre Branch. 

All these things point to the fact that the coaching staff really knows how to develop players. For once this offseason, we might have to cut some really good players which hasn't been the case in recent years. 

We really need Pouncey to stay healthy or we need to replace him. Our running game suffers badly when he is out and if he can't play we need to find an adequate replacement to help our run game. I credit Gase for sticking with the run game even though it has little success, it keeps the defense honest.

Gase is smarter than most coaches out there. His play calling has been on point. That is the only thing I can think of as to why this offense continues to have success with all the injuries. That bomb to Kenny Stills was no fluke, he saw the defense show something on a previous play and knew the middle of the field would be open later and called the post at the perfect time. 

I was a little skeptical of having Vance Joseph as a first year coordinator but he has put those worries of mine to rest. He has complete control of this defense and I truly believe his expertise as a former DB coach is shining through in Miami. How else do you explain the secondary success without their best defensive back?

For the first time in a long time, Miami has earned a winning season. Not only are they on the right side if their record but they have a shot to win 11 games, ELEVEN! Who guessed that at the start of the season?! I believe we have a good shot to win eleven games too. We should beat Buffalo, no guarantee, but we should. New England? They are the best team in football right now but we always seem to split the season series with them and they already have one on us. 

With all that being said, if we don't win another game the rest of the year, I would be content with the season. I said at the beginning that I just wanted this team to compete and start building for the future, a 9-7 season under a rookie head coach with all the injuries and holes this team has, I would say mission accomplished!

Phins Up!!!!!

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So much credit to go around ! Hope Phins keep Stills. He is a playmaker and takes the top of the defense. He dropped a bomb to start the year, or the Phins would be 10-4, imagine that. However, he has not dropped another since. With Stills, Landry and Parker, Phins have the weapons on the outside and D. Sims making an impact at TE. Congrats to the Jay Train on hitting 1000 yards in just 13 games, without his true Oline most of the time. I know it is sacreligious, but we Phinfans have to root for the Pats next two weeks.
First to beat Denver and help Phins, second week to blow out Jets, maybe win 1st round bye and come into Miami without much to play. Phins can win 11. Oh, and by the way, get un Sexy Rexy's arse fired next week, possibly getting the WC in week 16 !
What a Merry Christmas it would be! Thanks Santa Gase & Santa Joseph.


When we got to 4-4, I thought we could run the table with Tannehill but Baltimore proved me wrong.

Matt Moore played we last night but wind was not a factor. Early forecast calls for a balmy 41° in Buffalo on Saturday. But who knows about the wind?

Matt Moore is an excellent back up but he doesnt have Tannehill's arm strength to fire the ball sideline to sideline in windy conditions. Moore's deep ball could float a bit too. That's my concern right now with week 16.

Adam Gase and staff have proven themselves to be exceptional coaches. We are making plays and that only happens when players are put in situations that give them an opportunity to succeed.

Don't forget the personnel dept who has drafted and signed some great additions.

For the first time in a decade, I feel very good about the direction of the franchise.

Would I be happy with 9-7? No, I wouldn't. I would accept it but I would be disappointed that we would lose 3 out of the last 5 games to fall out of the playoffs.

I would be much happier at 10-6 or 11-5 and lose a tie breaker to get into the playoffs.

All in all, it's been an exciting run for 9 games. God willing, we continue to improve both on the field and in the standings.


After careful examination of possible scenarios of wins and losses in the AFC; I have discovered that there could be another opening for the Dolphins in the wildcard hunt.
The Chiefs and the Raiders have 3 tough remaining games. One of them could self-destruct and drop to 10-6. It looks to be the Raiders because they have been playing poorly lately; and they play the Chiefs too. They both cannot win. So if the dolphins and Raiders end up with an 11-5 record; the dolphins could actually get the 5th seed and host a home game.
Another scenario is; the Steelers and the Ravens could both loose today; meaning that if the dolphins win next week; they would solidify one of the WC spots Saturday night with a win over the gas Bills.
The third scenario is that the Patriots loose today and next week; setting up a showdown in Miami for the AFC east division title. I know that if Matt Moore keeps throwing deep early and often; we won't loose another game this season. Which means that we are Superbowl bound with the deep ball in play regularly. Devonte Parker, Dion Sims and Kenny Stills are unstoppable going deep. And Jarvis Landry is the definition of CLUTCH underneath.
I am confident that Ajayi, Drake and Williams will get going soon too. Our bend but don't break defense will continue to get the job done; provided that they are not overworked in practice. These players need their energy for the game.


Better looking Chic's in the bar on sat.nite then sundays. Can't say ugly win or loss for a change.The huge play of this game was the sack and fumble recovery by wake. The dee was playing like crap till then and we didn't want to fall 10 or 14 pts behind in a road game. It gave the dee momentum. Next jet drive a 3 and out which gave the o-fence great field position which got Moore going too.


Oh; by the way; Jermon Bushrod is the answer at center. I have been right so far. Don't doubt me on this either.


The deep ball with accuracy and in stride; early and often is the key to continuous victories. It was not until Matt Moore started to gunsling deep that the game turned into our favor. It was the deep ball that gave the jets the opening lead on us. The deep balls brought us back and won the game for us; along with our defense and very special teams players!


Raiders won and clinched today.

If we beat Buffalo and Denver loses we get in.


Matt Moore was awesome @NY Jets! Apollos may have been right about him after all, but lets see if he continues to play well @ Buffalo. BTW, I really hope he does. I don't care who plays QB as long as we keep winning. Who would've thought we'd be sitting in a playoff spot in week 16 back when we were 1-4???

Put a burlap sack of dog crap in at QB, I don't care! As long as it's clutch and keeps winning games, I'll support it!

My birthday is this weekend and the greatest gift I could ask for is a 10-5 record and a Broncos loss!

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Desperate times in Buffalo.

Back-biting in Denver.

Stupid Stats:
After playing Browns, teams are 6-6-1 the following week.
After playing Jets, teams are 3-7-1 the following week.