Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year, Dolphins: Or, How A Curse Ends (and Joy Returns)

    You all smelled  it.  The inevitable stench of failure coming our way.  Mike Gillislee churning out yards. Charles Clay catching big first downs and touchdowns.  It was the way it always happens.  The Dolphins lose in the clutch, and lose to their own cast offs and fomer players we let get away.  Wes Welker was only the most prominent case- we had all been here so many times before.
    Then Franks missed his kick.  Carpenter loomed on the other sideline and prepared to put us out of our misery.  The end of the script was written yet again- Rex and his stupid grin, happy Canadians in the parking lot drinking.
    Only it never happened.  First Franks hit from practically midfield. Then we all saw the Bills unravel.  First they failed to score the touchdown in overtime that we were all dreading as a certainty.  Then Carpenter missed the kick- CARPENTER MISSED, with a chance to kill the Dolphins dreams.  And then Jay Ajayi showed what young players can do:  not give a ___ about the past, not know they aren't supposed to do what they can do.
    Happy New Year, Dolphins fans.  This group just buried the last bodies, exorcised the remaining demons, and sent the last ghost happily to a restful grave.  The nightmare is over.  Let's enjoy the playoffs.

Jay Lopez
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Great summation of what we all felt. It's been an incredible run. The fan base is revitalized. No matter what happens the rest of the way, it is all gravy.

I cannot wait for next season too.


Good article, spot on, EXACTLy how i felt watching the game. This has been a fun ride.