Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dolphins 10-5 Despite Missing About Half Of Presumed Starters

   If you think about all the changes to our starting line-up since the pre-season, both on offense and defense and not just injuries but also poor performance, it becomes clear how great coaching has been.
Coaches have done so much more than just coach games they installed a system that teaches and developes our young players and prepares the back-ups to be game ready.
I don't remember a time that we had young players develope so fast or back-up players be so well prepared for game day and that is the real reason why next man up works.
OK, I know game planning and putting your players in position to succeed is great too, but the attention to the small details with back-ups and rookies and young players is nothing short of amazing. Remember this, to put a player in position to succeed you have to know that player really well and know absolutely what that player is good at and be able to teach him how to defend and hide his flaws, you have to know were his weakness is and help him with technique and practice. How much time do you think a head coach has to give to a player who is not a starter? There's so many things going on at the same time , I'm just happy our coach has a really good staff and is really on top of things.

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It is an impressive coaching job, even more so when you look at how each player rates on PFF web site. Miami has won I believe 5 games in the last minute, pretty cool, but it also brings caution for 2017. This off season will be fun to watch...


Credit two very productive drafts in a row. This year could be the year that with another good draft, the team is set up for the next few years while Brady will be into his 40's and on the way out, I think....
The Jests are a mess and the Bills are dysfunctional. Up to the Phins now to make a move on the Pats going forward. Having a good game Sunday will bring the confidence that they can play with them.
Got to give it to the coaches and the special teams this year, along with big plays from the offense and defense for the 10 wins. If the Phins can keep building the roster via the draft (heavy on D this year), they will sustain this success. Go Phins, beat the Pats !
Go Chargers, beat the Chiefs ! Phins go down and then beat the Texans with no QB, maybe face the Raiders, also with no QB, and win, then the ultimate- AFC Championship vs Pats ! Wow. A fan can dream.


That's a stat the Miami hating league and Espin commenters won't speak to. Oh how they smoke the poles of Pitt, GB, Dallas, blah blah blah. The little team that could... the one that finds a way to win - no matter what, or how ugly, are the team to fear. Nobody knows where the next play comes from and how that play will impact the game.