Thursday, December 29, 2016

Brady Bunch Week in Miami

Let's go ahead and give a nasty welcome party to the Pats, yes they took the division but they need this game to clinch home field advantage through out the playoffs.

The Fins are hurting from injuries, but won't give up and the coach has expressed that we play to win and this week is no different. Besides a division foe is a division foe no matter what week it is.

I don't know about you but I hate our division foes all the same I don't discriminate I hate them all, even though I respect the accomplishments that they have made, and the list is endless.

It's time for the tides to change and for the Dolphins to start challenging for division as soon as next season, so why not make a statement with this beat up team in this, the last game off this most improbable of the regular season, with a victory the Dolphins would  be 5-1 within the division and 11-5 on the season (that started 1-4 and we all thought was lost) Good luck to the Dolphins who have made us proud!!!

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With all the injuries, i don't think they will win, but i'm not counting them out. VJ has had a week to get the backups on the same page, next man up.



I do not hate the Patriots. I do respect them. It's not like they ruined our day or seasons by knocking us off all that much. They have just been a much better organization than anyone else in the league.

I do not hate the Bills. I do respect their teams of the 90"s but I do not respect them now.

The Jets are a completely different story. They ruined our day and many a season by knocking us off when we needed it most. And vice versa. Their fans are nasty obnoxious. We could be kicking their assessment and they would come up with the crudest comments imaginable.

So, yes, I hate the Jets.

Now, we are very banged up. 9 of our 22 starters are season's start are out. When considering resting our starters, who else would we put in? The backups are already out there.

They need to play for 2 reasons:
1) We could possibly win and move up a notch in the playoff seedings and finish out strong.

2) our new starters need the game experience against a very tough team. They need to work on playing together and if they make mistakes, we have time to address it before the playoffs start.

Yes, Mike, it has been an incredible run into the playoffs. We are all very proud of the team for what they have accomplished. The rest of this season is all gravy, no matter what happens.

I cannot help but notice the attention we are getting on the NFL Network. I have heard many discussions about us being a team nobody would want to play in a do or die game.

There has also been much discussion about how anyone would be much better off going to Houston than to Pittsburgh. There has been a tremendous amount of disrespect thrown the Texans way. They must be gnawing at the bit right now.


Hear is what I just posted on the NFL networks facebook page:
"Sure loved watching the Patriot network again tonight. I was shocked to hear the word Dolphins when they gave their report on the patriots injuries for the game. Not one word about the dolphins of course. Please help me with a couple of questions that everyone in this area has been debating. Who is sleeping with who? Are you guys doing CryBrady or Belicheat, and are you actually going to shut down the network when Brady retires? After all, half of your analysts couldn't even name 3 other NFL teams if their lives depended on it."


I made a bold prediction when we were 1-4. I said the Phins were about to go on a 8 game winning streak. I came close, and it can be argued going 9-1 is just as good if not better. Plus, we are currently on a 3 game win streak with 5 potential games to go, so...
My new prediction is an AFC Championship game against the Chiefs... in Miami :)


Gogo I hope you are right!