Sunday, November 20, 2016

WOW! What A Crazy Win To Keep Division Championship Chances Alive.

I was sitting at the local watering hole in Jersey, watching us running a sominex offense. And just shaking my head for 54 minutes of this game.

I knew it was going to be tough enough to score with Albert and Pouncey out against a stout Rams defense. And when Tunsil left the game, I didn't think we could move the ball at all.

And we didn't.

That is for 54 minutes.

But miracles do happen.

A scrappy OL protected Tannehill enough so he could make some plays and we snatched out a victory from sure defeat.

It wasn't pretty but we will take it!

Props to the defense for keeping us in the game. And despite some questionable play calling for 3 3/5 quarters, we survived.

So we remain in the hunt.

Actually, if we run the table and NE loses just 1 game before our final game victory against them, we will win the division.

Gotta love it!

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Did you see New England's remaining schedule? I wish it could happen, but the Wild card is much more realistic. KC lost today, Denver is off. We need both to keep losing some games.


Wow, what a finish! Watching the game, I was convinced the Dolphins had spent California week with flowers in their hair... or something! Good character building win. The frosting on this Surprise Cake was Titans and Chiefs losing.


Long time since I saw a Marino esque type win!


They gotta play at Denver. That's the game.


Lol. Are you going to San Francisco?

They hung tough.


OMG....Cannot remember another 14 point comeback in the last two drives since Marino.


We need to get Tunsil and Albert back. We won today but that was not pretty. Happy don't get me wrong but with our starters on oline, we are limitless. We can run for 150 and gives Tanny time to throw etc. with a patch line don't hold your breath. We got very lucky today.


We need pouncy too but our backup center is more than able to hold that down until pouncy returns. I hate drafting oline every offseason. I hope we can snag a top CB next year. On another note. Since injuries to the backs we have seen solid development with Lippet. He's been a solid CB and Alonzo has been a solid addition at LB. need to sign him ASAP to long term deal along with Branch. This organization made solid choices in offseason and bargains with Kiko, Branch and drafting Lippet and converting to CB. Draft a solid CB and next year looks like Lippet, Howard., King ? Etc. plus jones will be back. Maxwell is ok but we could cut him.


Yes indeed.

Better to be lucky than good on any given Sunday.

Now we have a week to get ready for the Niners


If the price was right, then I would sign him to a fairly generous 2 year conytact.


How about that first round draft pick trade with Philadelphia?

We got Alonso, Maxwell and Tunsil.

Lippett's conversion to CB is working out very well. He needs to keep his head up while tackling but his coverage and ball skills have been outstanding.

I would keep Maxwell until we draft his replacement and that guy is ready.