Monday, November 07, 2016

Get out and vote!

If you haven't already voted (and unless you live somewhere that doesn't have early voting, why wouldn't you?) remember tomorrow (Tuesday 11/8) is Election Day... so plan to get out there and rock that vote!

Most polls are open 7-7 local time, though some areas offer different hours. 

Don't know where your polling place is? Check out this handle google tool!

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I'll vote, even though it doesn't make any difference. So sad.


If you are in line at closing time, they still have to let you vote so if you are running a bit late and think you cannot vote by 7 or 8 PM, just get in line.

Also, every vote counts. Whether it declares to your Congress Reps how many people actually support that candidate's policies in your district or your vote could actually sway an election.