Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dolphins Becoming Escape Artists

I am dying to find out what Nadomican Suh told Colin Kaepernick at the end of the game after almost snapping his back in half. I wonder if it was Anthem related.

Two weeks in a row for nail biting victories. I am already balding but this one cost me a bunch of what little I have left.

Way too much stress after a 17 point lead with 10 minutes left against a 1-9 team.

A real shame to waste Drake's kick off return.

Frisco showed some spunk and resilience. They never gave up.

We probably let down our guard and soon enough we were back in a battle.

That could've been a devastating loss.

Maybe we are just going through some growing pains. I hope so.

Got to give Ryan Tannehill some props again.
He looked terrific firing that ball around the yard.

Tannehill carried this team to victory. He is growing into a franchise QB right in front of our eyes.

We are going to need him playing well the rest of the season if we are going to make the playoffs.

Parker is the real deal. He made some incredible catches two weeks in a row. Too bad he was just out of bounds on 2 today. That bomb down the middle when he laid out is highlight reel material.

Sims is a beast breaking tackles.

Now I watched Leonte Carroo play at Rutgers and was very happy to see us draft him. If Parker is out any extended time, Carroo can help fill the void. He may not have Parker's leaping ability, but he will catch anything thrown his way.

Carroo won't do anything to hurt us but I want Parker back asap.

I have to wonder how many yards Ajayi would've have against the Niners with Albert, Tunsil and Pouncey in the lineup.

The triple replacements did an ok job. No glaring penalties but no big pushes either. On that screen late in the game they didn't block anybody. They all wiffed.

Our front office has put a decent roster together for Gase and company to coach. So many "next man up"s are stepping in and playing well enough to win. That's impressive.

Tannehill is shutting up the doubters and I was one of them.

I like him, have 3 of his jerseys but, I will admit, I doubted whether or not he could carry the team on his back to victory.

Two weeks in a row has warmed me over.

I always respected his toughness and arm strength and he has been playing so well during the streak, especially during the last 66 minutes of football. So well.

Next week will be a crucial test for us. Going into Baltimore is not easy for any team in the league.

Beating them would put us 2 games up on them and Pittsburg for a wild card spot.

We are going to need everyone playing at their best.

Wow, 7-4!

Who saw that coming after our first 5 games?

Some of you believed though no one knew.

We all are thrilled.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
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I'm still dating the same ugly barfly that I met after the Cleveland game. At least I don't put a paper bag over my head like the browns fans in the stands were today while I'm having all this fun. If things stay good I will at least have a date on new years eve for the first time since the 08 season


Lol Phil. Love the analogy.

However we play NE on New Years Day so you still will have a date and hopefully no bag needed.


Another ugly win, but i'll take it. Hopefully when we get Albert and Tunsil back in the lineup things will go easier.


The running game will improve immediately, Gary.


Full disclosure, I always believed in tannehill, you guys can eat that crow......he is coming along nicely that bonehead sack after the awesome kick return pissed me off though.
Kiko is getting better. He has been pretty lucky in finding turnovers, nobody has been harder on him than me, but he still guesses too much, and still reminds me of Channing crowder.
Gase is the real deal. Our secondary is really coming together, even hough it's patchwork. Really like the job lippet is doing, and Rambo is a prime find.

Oh, and I love how it pains Omar Kelly to admit we are playing better, and coming together as a team.


Kiko has a nose for the ball. The interception literally fell in his lap. But he is always around the ball so good things can happen.

Suh is a beast and worth the investment. His second effort on the last play saved the game.

How about the secondary, other than one DPI, playing a penalty free game. On the last play of the game, I was half expecting to see a defense hold to give the Niners a free play after time ran out. You know our luck.

We only committed 4 penalties and both lines held their water with no offsides or false starts. The later was very impressive with 3 new starters.

As far as eating crow, Kelly, it tastes real good after a victory.


My thoughts on our offseason/in-season accomplishments: Alonso is becoming a stud for us! Maxwell, after a benching and a talking-to, is now playing very well for us (also, excellent coaching is turning him around). And we drafted Tunsil. That's a helluva hat trick there, baby. The coaching staff brings injured players along judiciuosly and they're now playing "lights out" (Wake and Parker come to mind). Gase sends a very strong message to the players by cutting D. Thomas and B. Turner; benches Maxwell, and leaves Ajayi behind for the Seattle trip. They brought in B. Rambo, a hungry guy who stayed behind during the bye to study the playbook and is now doing a really good job for us. Gase is being patient with Grant and his case of the "dropsies" knowing how much good he can do us as a returner with the ball in his hands (we've seen it). Vance Joseph, in spite of the shortage of talent in the secondary is making it work. He adapts well to the changing game plan of the opposing team and keeps us in it, something K Coyle didn't seem to be able to do. I've said all along that, if we give T-Hill good coaching and put good players around him, he will develop into a top-drawer (maybe even elite) player, and now we're beginning to see that begin to take place. Fellow Dolfans, I'm stoked!! If we can bring in some more quality veteran's for depth and draft well next year (LB, CB, G, etc.), we could really shake up the AFC East next year ( I believe we'll do some damage yet this year - especially if we can get Albert, Pouncey, and Tunsil back soon. Go 'Fins. We may not have Vance Joseph around for too many years, though (because he's doing such a good job that someone will want to talk to him about a HC job)


My only regret is the that hit on crapernick at the end didn't end his miserable career. He is a garbage human being.


Couldn't agree more


He will feel it Monday morning.


He is such a Dolphin hater that antagonizes their fans to the point of it is really surprising that he hasn't been replaced.


He is such a Dolphin hater that antagonizes their fans to the point of it is really surprising that he hasn't been replaced.


He is such a Dolphin hater that antagonizes their fans to the point of it is really surprising that he hasn't been replaced.