Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Defense Is Doing It

Much of the media hoopla about the Dolphins focuses on RB Jay Ajayi and the offensive line. Less noticed is the Dolphins defense, who are greatly benefiting by the resurgence of the running game. The D no longer has to play almost three-fourths of a game because of offensive ineptitude. The results speak for themselves, and the Dolphins defense is not only rising to the occasion, it's also moving up in several key metrics.

What are the key responsibilities of NFL defenses? They are, quite simply, STOP the run, STOP the pass and STOP third down conversions. How are the Dolphins doing?

These Dolphins defensive hogs are ranked 10th, and rising. This is a three-phased stat, including rush yards per attempt, negative pass play % and third down %. (

The Dolphins rush defense is 26th, giving up 4.5 yards per rush. Room for improvement! The defense forces negative pass plays on 8.3% of plays, ranking them 12th. Where the hogs shine is limiting offenses to 30.84% third down conversions, best in the league!

Defensive improvement will continue as long as the Dolphins offense doesn't sputter. When fresh, the Miami Dolphins defense dominates!
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I'm hoping people are finally seeing that this is a TEAM game. And that every part if the team benefits by good play from the other parts. Defense gets better when offense gets better and vice versa. Plus Individual players get better when other members of the team do their jobs better. It's a symbiotic relationship where the whole can be better than the sum of the parts when they play as a team.


Right on, Dave! Hopefully, the Dolphins have turned the corner.


Very well put


Our defense is playing very well considering all the injuries.


The Dolphins finally have the nucleus to build on.