Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Huge Win For The Program!

Defense! Defense! Defense!

Wow! 4 interceptions in the 4th quarter says it all.

The refs tried to take it away but Kiko Alonso took it to the house instead.

After ticky tackling us to death with so many bull shit defensive holding calls, how the hell do they not call defensive holding when the dude pulls Parker to the ground in the endzone on our last series?

Just astounding.

Gotta love this win. it truly keeps our hopes alive for a wild card.

The way the AFC is shaping up, we may not be able to lose another game.

RT deserves a lot of credit today. He took some big hits and hit some big plays.

We are so young as well.

We just gotta get into the tournament and see what happens.

Congratulations to our coaching staff, our players and our fans!

Amazing win!

Phins up!!!

Carl Leone
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big road win for the team.. they fought through some horrible calls. i think secondary gets boost next week with culliver return. also rams dont have anyone close to rivers at qb. this is a very winnable game next week. big question is will oline be as good with possibility of Albert being lost?


Ryan T was a bad cat today. Efficient, long ball, running threat, stayed tall in the pocket...full package, and time his critics agree and give him props. Heck, even critic 1, Omar K, is giving RT props. Philip Rivers was hit all game and rattled in the 4th.
BS interference calls and tough officiating aside, the Phins busted through. 'Kikoman' showed his sauce with a big play from a LB !
Can you imagine that ? Last big play from a LB, I think was Channing Crowder INT vs Brady to close out a WIN in like 2009 ? Jay train was good enough. Cannot lose focus out West and stomp the RAMs next week, possibly Goff's first game. Cannot lose to a rookie QB and make it a West Coast sweep. Great team win.
Vance Joseph should be proud of his secondary big plays today.
Damien Williams proving to be a multi tool player. GO GASE !
Sending Jakeem Grant some stick-em' via fedex to LA.


The outcomes of the k.c. and Denver games made me puke. 10 wins won't get us in it looks like.Another win in a type of game that we used to blow in the end. Refs very one sided.some of the calls were legit but it looked to me that s.d o- line got away with some holding calls that weren't called.the non parker call was a joke.nice to see parker and stills step up today.


Rams are no pushover. Gonna be a tough win


Grants bobble was a scary moment. Luckily the incredible Mr. Lippet saved the day.


May need to be 12-4 just to have a chance for the playoffs.


Has anyone heard from David Apollos? Ever since we started winning he disappeared. I was hoping he could tell us how Ryan didn't actually throw any long balls on Sunday.

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