Sunday, October 23, 2016

Who Are Those Face Masked Men

It must be close to Holloween.

Pretty soon there will be plenty of Trick or Treaters and Partyers alike, doning costumes and masks, making them completely unrecognizable.

That I expect this time of year, every year.

No surprises there.

But these past two games have left me curious as to who the hell is playing for the Dolphins.

I am astonished to witness what is happening on the field.

Two games in a row with over 200 yards rushing!

Two games in a row dominating the time of possession!

This week, 37:02 to 22:58. That equates to the Bills averaging just 5:44 per quarter.

Am I dreaming?

Did some aliens from outer space secretly consume our team and replace them with robotic appliances whose only purpose is to churn out yards leaving an exhausted defense in its dust.

I don't recognize this team of Dolphins.


This new running game can not only dominate an opponent and win but it can also travel well and win in the playoffs.

With this type of game plan, all we need from Ryan Tanne-Hype is a pedestrian performance of managing the game with no INTs.

A couple hundred yards and no glaring mistakes.

This may be boring. This may create some yawns.

But in can win games and belive it or not, even championships.

Now, by no stretch of the word, am I putting us in the playoffs. Not yet anyway.

We still have some issues with bone head penalties that have nothing to do with playing the game. These unsportsmanlike conduct penalties have to end and soon.

Now that we are cooking, the bye may be coming a bit too soon.

I would love to keep this running game rolling.

Sure, some nicked up guys can heal. But I say "Let 'er ride".

There is one other benefit to the bye coming this weekend. We get 14 days of Jets Week!

And after the last two games, I am feeling a hell of a lot better about this team, no matter who they are.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Carl, try to temper your enthusiasm! I'll try to temper mine.

Play-calling in the first half was marred by trying to integrate(validate their investment)Foster into the offense. Tannehill missed some open receivers.

The difference was the Dolphins controlled the game with Ajayi, keeping their defense fresh and wearing out the vaunted Bills defense in the Miami sun!