Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why Miami wins tonight

     You look at the Dolphins injury situation and the run defense situation, and all the injuries on the offensive line situation; and you must admit, it doesn't look good - going against a playoff caliber team.

    However, when you run the computer analysis on past performances and the head-to-head histories of these teams, it looks a tad more promising.  First, Cincinnati is not considered a prime time performer, winning only 4 of the last 14 prime time games.  Second, the Miami Dolphins are to the Cincinnati Bengals as the Ravens are to the Dolphins.  In fact, Miami is 15 wins to 5 losses in 20 games against the Bengals.

   I believe these things are in the heads of that organization and the players.  When we start to come back on them (we never seem to get the lead early on teams), they will be thinking, "here we go again."

      Miami 24,  Cincinnati 23.

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I just found out, and I won't advertise that sort of company here. I just found out that a "semi-reputable" betting company calls Miami a LOCK to win tonight. I am not sure how they conclude this; I could see covering a 7 point spread... but winning??? Nice


We need Lippet to outplay Green and our decimated OL, which wasn't that great anyway, to play lights out.

Do that and we win.