Friday, September 09, 2016

Why Dolphins will beat Seahawks in Seattle

     Depending on which sports book you look at, the Dolphins are 8.5 to 13.5 point underdogs.  This is the largest spread of any matchup this first week in the NFL.  It is obvious the NFL and Vegas are  all in on the Seahawks.

     Here is why Miami will win this matchup:

1.   The Seahawks will be coming into this game with a level of overconfidence that borders on disrespect.  The Miami players know this and can't wait to pop these guys in the mouth.

2.    Frankly, having watched every play the Seahawks played in preseason, I am certain that Miami's offensive and defensive lines are marginally better.  The only positions in general that are slightly better than Miami's is QB, RB, and the back 7 on Seattle's defense.  And, since I believe 90% of games are won on the line of scrimmage, I feel Miami has a very good chance to win this game based on this advantage.

3.   Offensive play calling will determine the outcome.  Seattle OC Darrell Wayne Bevel is no where near the play caller that Coach Adam Gase is.   The Seahawks will be lost trying to defend our multifaceted offensive attack.

4.    Ryan Tannehill will surprise everyone.  Finally, Ryan actually is in charge of the offense.  And, the new schemes and game plans are prepared with the help of Tannehill.  He finally knows this is his offense, and you can already see the difference.  Every game, Ryan will get better and better.

5.  And lastly,  Miami's front 7 on defense will keep Russell from exploiting Miami's only real weakness, their corners.  First they will stop the run, then, they will keep Wilson from escaping and turning broken plays into huge gains.  Wilson will move the ball some, but Miami will keep those plays to a minimum.

Miami 31, Seattle 20.

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Not only winning, but by 11! You should be putting some money on the Dolphins on the money line (4/1 odds). I would like to know where you saw it at Dolphins +13.5. I want to bet there! :)


Wilson is good enough for 14 points by himself, even if the Phins DLINE Sack him a few times. SEA defense, perhaps one turnover, one 4 down stop, that helps set up field position for a couple of FG's.
Tannehill and his OLINE shows up, the Phins nick the Hawks 24- 20.
I agree with MadPhinsfan Hawks may be to suped up for home opener, overconfident, etc. Stumble.


I also see us winning. 12th man will be a factor so as long as our Oline isn't dumb enough to false start on account of the defeating noise we will win.


If Steen performs like he did in the preseason, than Tannehill should be able to make some plays. The best pass protection that I've seen from this pitiful o-line was during the 3rd preseason game when Pouncey was out and Steen was at Center. It seems that the line is always more effective when Pouncey is not in there. I hope they realize this and trade him and his head bob.


I think you should change your handle to theINSANEPhinsFan! :) hope I'm wrong, but I see a beat down today.