Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pathetic Defensive "Game Plan" Results in Embarasment for Franchise.

    Do the math.  Your opponent has three wily, quick receivers who are small targets.  He also has a very mobile quarterback who is elusive and accurate but green.  You have 30% of your defensive payroll on your line, with mobile linebackers, excellent safeties, and big corners.
     It's so clear.  You pressure with 4 and flood the secondary.  Confuse the kid with lots of bodies around his microscopic receivers.  And keep containment on the running game.
    On third down in New England- and it was third and long on every Patriots drive- the Dolphins instead blitzed.  Every time.  The result was conversion after conversion and 24 first half points to a backup quarterback lacking his pro bowl tight end.
     There is no way we could have been so stupid.  Simply none... But tomorrow I will look at the standings and we'll be buried, where we belong.  Seattle sucks this year.  New England sucked today.  We were too stupid, both weeks, to capitalize.

Pathetic.  Don't kid yourselves- this was low hanging fruit.

Jay Lopez
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Glad foster went out, this guy is a physical stiff, and a morale nightmare. He is a cancer. Let's move forward.


If we have an answer on our roster, it's ISAIAH PEAD. We might not, of course, have a decent running back in house. We'll see. Too bad we didn't appreciate Miller...


I agree jay, the rookie from Alabama showed good things as well,


I would also promote Dougherty from the practice squad, because the pats will steal him, due to garrapalo getting injured. We saw what the pats did to us with our supposed trash. Hogan, and amendola. Pats always kill us with our castoffs