Monday, September 05, 2016

Mike's corner: Fins @ Seahawks

Ok, first of all, yes I do in my heart believe we could pull out an upset. I believe the Dolphins can match up well against Seattle. I also believe Seattle tends to start slow and gets better and better as the season goes on, it's probably better to play them week 1 than say week 10 or later. Although I think because of the new system and coaching staff Miami will also get stronger and more dangerous as the season goes, nobody specially an NFC team knows what we're going to do. What worries me is that if Seattle finds our weakness early and burns us it will leave a massive blueprint on what to do against us, I mean if they tear us up running the ball or the corners don't hold up( and remember that our off season acquisition Byron maxwell is their old corner and Pete Carroll knows his weakness and strength, on other side a rookie that missed most of training camp ) the problem will escalate because everyone will see the tape. We need good quarterback play and I mean not just throwing the ball but we need Tannehill to be able and willing to run and extend plays and make things hard on their defense. We also need a running game to show up weather it's Foster or Ajayi someone has to step up and make a difference. How about linebacker this is the first shot we get to see if Kiko Alonzo is the player that he was as a rookie when he was the rookie of the year and had I think over 160 tackles that year, we need that kind of production from him if we want to stop the run. Not worried about S, but  worried about O line. OMG, may it turn out well for our loved Dolphins! GO FINS!!!

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Can't really get a blueprint if coach makes proper changes when things aren't going well.


Same blueprint for Wilson as every other game, avoid the pass rush for few extra seconds and then throw short, medium and deep passes to uncovered receivers, or run for 15 yard gains. I hate the Seahawks, but Wilson is smooth and gets it done. Cam and Mario have got to squeeze him.

Also, we'll see how our RBs respond to the kind of hits E. Elliott saw a couple weeks ago--we are going to need some nifty play calling to not be embarrassed.
Go Fins!

Time for Cameron to earn that $8M paycheck.


Don't forget Wilsonis of the same draft as Tannehill but a third rounder


Yes they can show your weakness and how to exploit it. You game plan but you only ad strong as your weakest link


Seahawks are tough. My mind says 27-13 loss. My heart says 13-10 win with 3 Seattle turnovers and quite a few critical penalties. Only way we win is if Seattle gives it to us.