Thursday, September 29, 2016

It Starts or Ends Tonight.

     The Dolphins will hit the 1/4 mark in the season three nights earlier than usual.  They may also hit the end of their season.  Or be suddenly filled with real promise.
     Tonight is the season- period.  Open 1-3 in a league that only tolerates six losses, and you are finished.  On the other hand, win tonight and instantly legitimize yourself as a playoff contender.
    The Dolphins must have an every snap mentality tonight.  The key is to win on third down, on both sides of the ball, in the first half.  If they can do so, they can win.  From 2-2, the season looks promising.  From 1-3 the blogs will get quiet, the stands will fill with yahoos more interested in scenes than sports, and the season will be a lost cause to anyone with the sense to see it.
     So put up, Dolphins.  Or shut up and accept irrelevance until next year's draft.  In short, earn your pay, our faith, and your reputations.  Tonight.
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Not happening Jay.

Gase benched a shit load of "starters" including Byron Maxwell. Due to lack of effort!!!

Billy Turner is at guard, not good considering he is facing Geno Atkins.

Our O Line is in complete shambles.

We have a new starting tail back in Damien Williams.

O yeah, and we have 2 new LBers.

I expect Miami to get pounded tonight.

Hope I'm wrong, I just don't see it. Not feeling it


Going into it, I thought tonight was Miami's best chance to gain some respectability. However, now it's abundantly clear to me that this team is really, I mean really bad, like maybe winning only once more against SF, and thus, getting the 3rd pick in the draft bad. And yes, the other two teams picking ahead of Miami will be the Browns and the Niners. So far, the whole "Quarterback Whispering" thing isn't materializing. Maybe he should try yelling (into RT's ear), instead of whispering, something like, "Hey, dumb ass, you're about to get sacked again!!!!

See you guys next year, I've got better things to do with my time.


This team is trash.


O line is garbage, and Armando has become Omar Kelly the 2nd. The guy is getting pummeled. And all you hear is its tannyhills fault. This o line is worse than any in recent years. D was actually better, but this team just can't anchor up yet. Congrats to scumbag Kenny stills who bobbled but caught a gimme. Disgusting.