Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I am beginning to love Chris Perkins

     It was not that long ago, I lumped Chris Perkins in with Omar Kelly.  Chris, let me say I am sorry.  While Omar calls Marvin Lewis ' coaching staff superior as one of the reasons Miami will lose on Thursday night,  Chris Perkins, for the first time I have ever seen from a Sun Sentinel beat writer, believes we are a playoff caliber team and that Cincinnati is a winnable, albeit a tough game.  Side note: David Hyde may have said the Miami Dolphins were a playoff team in the past.  Lately however, he seems to ape the Omar attitude and root assumptions.

     Chris, I don't always agree with your opinion or your "it is always on the players instead of coaching" stance, but I do love that you have stopped crapping on the organization and taking unnecessary shots at individual players even when that player had little to do with the outcome of a game, unlike your partner,  Omar Kelly.

     Frankly, it is time to move Omar Kelly out of town.   Miami, he just took another cheap shot at your coaching staff.  Mr. Ross, have the organization pull his press credentials.  He is not worthy of the position.  Sun Sentinel, send Omar packing, please.

     Miami must stop the run first, Thursday night.   I just watched the Denver game and saw how Hill and Company gashed a very good defense for big play after big play especially in the first half of that game.  It was ugly.  We must be disciplined up front to eliminate cutback lanes.  Somehow, I think our coaching staff has made the necessary adjustments and reiterated the details mantra, so that Miami will play a very good, highly contested game.

Prediction.  Miami Dolphins 24 - Cincinnati Bengals 23

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To be honest I'd rather have a reporter tell it like it is than put lipstick on the pig that my beloved Dolphins are right now. Omar keeps it real - some people might not like his style but I tend to agree with many of his conclusions. We've been a mediocre team for well over a decade except the year Pennington fell into our lap and Brady was out with the ACL.

While I really do feel like we have potential, we're again continuing not to perform to anywhere near our best. Potential never got anyone to the superbowl. This coaching staff right now is not good. Period. I think they can and will be, but right now they're young and inexperienced and making mistakes accordingly. But I think Adam Gase is the right guy to lead this team, and I think Vance Joseph could be great too. I think we've got some promising young players to build about and I'm finally feeling like there's hope for the future.

When the season started I took a realistic view that an 8-8 season could be achievable and would show good progress. I still think we end up with somewhere between 6 and 9 wins, but it's still possible all the pieces fall into place properly and we work ourselves into playoff contention. If our offense could regularly play like they did in the second half against the Pats, we could afford to have a defense in the bottom third of the league.

It'll be tough to win at CIN tomorrow night with our injuries, but it's primetime and maybe something special happens. Another walkoff safety to end the game would be awesome!!

Phins up!


The MadPhinsFan said...
Yes, Armando Salguero, Joe Rose, Kim Bokamper, Andy Cohen, and number of others do keep it real without taking unnecessary shots at the team, the coaches, the organization and especially the players. Omar obviously has axes to grind with Miami. I fear Miko Grimes rubbed off on him. Omar is the worst beat writer in the country.


I just listened to Matt Lincoln and Omar Kelly on their show. Omar is as dumb as they come. He was bitching thst Coach Gase passes too much, and said he needs to commit to the run more. Further, he said that because the Dolphins didn't work hard enough on the run game in preseason, they suck at it now. Who does he think he is??? In preseason, Omar praised the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on how good they looked in the running game and that they practiced it more fervently. Well you smug, condescending know-it-all, after 3 games. Miami has more yards rushing than Tampa Bay, which includes 44 by their QB Winson. Just stop criticizing the Dolphins. Please leave town. You know less than my dead grandmother about football.


According to ESPN's rushing stats Miami has rushed the ball 61 times in 3 games, which is 28th in the league. TB has rushed 71 times which places them 22nd. We've rushed for 249 yds total (25th), which is below TB who has rushed for 258 yards (tied 22nd). In yards per attempt we rank 13th in the league at 4.1, well above TB in 25th place at 3.6 ypa. Given how well we seem to be rushing the ball, why wouldn't we do it more than the 20 times per game we're currently doing?

The average rushing attempts per game in the league this year is around 26. If we carried the ball as much as the average, with our 4.1 ypa, we'd be averaging close to 106 yards rushing a game (instead of our current 83 yds per game), which would be good for 15th place in the league and would probably open things up more for the passing game.


We are getting crushed tomorrow night unless Tannehill has the game of his life.

Way too many injuries to overcome on such a short week. Not enough time to practice with all the replacements.

Plus we are on the road against a good team coming off a loss.

Not a good bet to pick us. Lay the 7 points.


Carl, a company that does this for a living, and gets 2 of 3 games predicted correct, says that because Cincinnati is 4 of 14 in recent years in prime time, and because Tannehill seems to play well against them, they predict a straight up victory for Miami. Everyone is hurting, they are light at TE and CB. We'll be fine.


Mark, thank you. I stand slightly corrected. I went to the too websites and added up their total rushes manually, by rusher. I guess I was off by 15 yards or so. Still 9 yards is hardly considered better, and per carry is significantly better.

Bottom line, I trust the coaches. They know what they are doing. Not Omar.


Omar is vying for an ESPN job, he is a liberal piece of garbage. A fecal worm rates higher than Omar. It's bad form to lump anything with Omar. Nice post.


LOL MadPhins!

Omar is a piece of garbage. He constantly disrespects players. One example is from his many twitter rants. He said "why do Dolphins fans keep waiting for Tannehill's balls to drop?" WOW. I'm going to start calling him Mini Miko.

He claims his twitter account is his "personal" account. Then why talk Dolphins 85% of the time? I don't talk about plumbing on my social media. What about you Carl? You talk officiating on a daily basis?! LOL

Omar walks the line of "this team sucks" and "twins team has potential" so no matter which way it goes, he can say "I told you so" Omar is a horrible reporter/analyst/scout/rocket scientist or what ever he claims to be this week.

All other Dolphins writers know our team has a long way to go. They know we are not good right now but somehow their articles don't come across as demeaning and disrespectful. They point out the good things that this team has going for it. I feel bad for anyone's who has to work or associate with this man. He breeds negativity.


Darn auto correct. Meant to say "this team has potential"


Agreed Kelly and Lawrence... it's raining in Cincinnati right now... hope this plays into our favor.