Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bills Will be in AFC EAST Basement

    Watching Thursday Night Football, one thing is clear:  the Bills are in collapse.  The Ryan brothers look sweatier than normal.  Tyrod Taylor looks inconsistent on easy underneath routes.  The Bills lack playmaking ability on the outside.  They are inefficient working against the clock and don't look particularly well organized.  EJ Manuel is now their answer in short yardage- which is to say, they have no answer in short yardage.  McCoy still looks dangerous- but he can't handle the workload they are asking for.  And this is Buffalo's stronger unit.
    Their defense is simply atrocious.  They can neither cover nor stop the run.  I hope Gase and staff are watching carefully what Todd Bowles did to them.  He committed to the run and allowed his offensive line to break down Buffalo's shallow front.  As the game has worn on, the front seven has disappeared.  Forte's last touchdown went untouched between the tackles:  from 12 yards out.
    It took discipline for Bowles to stick with the run given that Fitzpatrick averaged 11 yards a pass attempt. Per pass ATTEMPT!  Not completion!  This means that every time the Jets PASSED, they averaged a first down make.
    I can't get a clean read on the Jets.  They may be good.  They give up a lot of big plays and aren't very smart (no two point conversion up 13 with 3 to go?)  I'll need to see them against a quality opponent outside of week one to tell.  But the Bills may as well finish crossing the border into Canada.  They aren't winning anything in the lower 48.

Jay Lopez
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Having said that - I still have no confidence playing in buffalo.


Haha- I get it. We will win both this year. Mario will devour them in the first game- he is a bit motivated, I imagine.